Meta Skills


To me, defining is recognizing a problem through for example analysis, gathering information about the problem and organizing the information to have an overview of what the problem exactly is.

When I look back at this term I think I've done quite a lot of defining. During the fundamentals of business classes we had to come up with solutions to problems found in businesses. These assignments included problems with Volvo, IBIS and HelloFresh.

I can apply structure and acquire a good overview of a business now by analyzing and gathering information.


During the kick off week I improved my design skills by planning and prototyping an app that offers its users an easy way to set up dinners remotely. It was our solution to people not being able to have dinner together due to time and planning problems.

Working on this project taught me a lot. Besides the teamwork factor, it showed me how to plan these projects ( for example: how many pages we needed, how many page designs were required, which buttons go where and why, how do we keep it simplistic yet pretty to look at.



This past term has taught me a lot. Education wise as well as life lesson wise. I've gotten a lot of insights about myself by reflecting through the "What's in my backpack classes". I think the biggest development I've gone through is being more aware of the goals I want to achieve and the path I have to walk to do so. Before I somewhat had an idea, but just being asked "what it is I want to do in life" really got me thinking. Reflecting on my actions, reactions and teamwork was quite new to me too; before I'd ask someone else how I did, but now I'm independent and no longer need that external approval. I can judge myself now while staying confident and move on, which I think is a great skill to acquire.

Who am I?

A picture of me in Paris

I'm Jasper, a travelling and music enthusiast as well as an IBIS student.

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