Welcome to my page

My name is Yassine Ayad, I’m twenty years old and live in Amsterdam. I was born here in Amsterdam in the region Bos en Lommer. There I lived for 11 years then I moved to the region Westerpark and there since then I still live there and I love it there. I was on an elementary school called the Narcis Quirido. It was a nice school I finished it till group 8, when I finished school I went to the Sweelinck College at the Museum square. There I did VMBO-T and I was done with in four years. After that I started my MBO at ROC Delfland, following the education Assistant Accountant. It was a year full of fun but in every fun is there an end. The school closed and we all had to move to a different location in Amsterdam Sloterdijk and that school, my friend, is a decision that you don’t want to make twice. It was boring, no female and it was ugly. But we don’t go to school to have fun but to learn, unfortunately the education there was worse than in Zimbabwe. Long story short, I hated there and I wanted to leave but I didn’t, I just finished my school and got my diploma in 2013. For 2 years I did nothing than just “chill”. It was the best 2 years of my life. That was the first time I really worked hard to get some money together and I bought fun things with it. So yeah it was a good vacation. After that I thought I can’t be longer without a proper diploma and started my education here at Inholland Diemen.