economic files: green box
development a beginners guide into macro-economics
                                              24 pages pdf
find your way – a first help in economic statistics how to find an economic chart or a time series?
                                                    3 pages pdf
economic instabilities prepare for future instabilities in economics
                                                2 pages pdf
operational blindness in the eurocrisis let the governments lead the market
                                                    3 pages pdf
A predicting indicator for exchange rate instabilities a mathematical treatment of an economic problem
                                                7 pages pdf
A predicting indicator for exchange rate instabilities: a popular treatment of the analysis of exchange
a popular view   markets
                                                    4 pages pdf
  other files: red box  
Entropy related remarks on Zipf's law for word frequencies mathematical statistics
                                                6 pages pdf
On Zipf's law in encoding   mathematical statistics
                                                    3 pages pdf
practical statistics without mathematics
                                               19 pages pdf
Historie maasdorpen   Horn, Heel, Beegden, Wessem, Catualium
                                                    4 pages pdf (in Dutch)  
Militairen aan de Maas Heel, Aldenghoor, Horn
                                                2 pages pdf (in Dutch)
Romeinen aan de Maas   Catualium, Blerick, Eburonen, Ambiorix
                                                    3 pages pdf (in Dutch)
praktische onderwijskunde docentschap in de praktijk
                                               12 pages pdf (in Dutch)
selectie op school naar gedrag gedragsselectie met een landelijke norm
                                                    3 pages pdf (in Dutch)
Transport and turbulence in a magnetized argon plasma thesis Eindhoven University of Technology
                                            103 pages pdf