My work

This passport belongs to one of the three PSD's. PSD is divided into three subjects: HTML, THinking and Reasoning and Information Skills. In a certain way, each subject was linked together. For HTML for example, we taught how to build a webpage from scratch. This was really interesting since I was always wondering how this actually happend. I spent a lot of hours in and outside class to understand the whole process behind HTML and CSS.Eventually, this whole page has become a result of all those hours spent on research and excercises. But how to do a research successfully? Well, to answer that, you could say that here's where the information skills classes were for. The name already says what it stands for. During this class, we were taught how to research thorougly using various databases. Not only did I need it for the HTML class, but also for International World of Business. Especially since I needed graphs and information in order to make a perfect presentation about my subject. On the other hand, in order to write things in a certain way and knowing when certain information needed to be included while others needed to be excluded, the Thinking and Reasoning class were to help out. During this class, we were thinking critically about all the things we did in life: from thinking about how different systems worked to blogging. This course also helpt us to question every information and trying to be objective and to not be biased. But how to be nutural without really realising how we already are? For this type of thinking, we had another course named what's in my backpack. During this interesting course, we found out how our brains worked. How to think consciously and explain certain steps we take? We did different tests online on how we were as individuals and how every brain worked. We also learned how to create an elevator pitch and when to use it.