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    About this page

    Welcome to my page

    Specials and more on my blog!

    This site is made as my passport for the first semester. The whole idea behind is to keep our work on a site that combines all subjects for Personal Skills Development. The whole idea behind this assessment is to show how much we have done and the things we have learned along the way. Through this way, our passport shows our reflections, thoughts and lessons learned. Hope you will enjoy reading through this page!

    My guarantee: You will be fully guided into the course and how its represented.

    But that's not all;you will get acces to a lot of information, student trips and tricks, the school website and much more!

    Now that your curiosity is build virtually, isn't it time to check us out for real? We're located right in the heart of Diemen detailed directions to get you here in record time. No reservations necessary; come and join us anytime.