Hallo there and welcome at my portfolio website !

My name is Daan van der Wal, twenty years old and the owner of this portfolio website. In January 1995 I was born in Amsterdam but raised in a town called Hoorn. In this place, which is about thirty minutes away by car from Amsterdam, I joined the primary and secondary school and eventuely finisched my pre-university secondary education.

During secondary school I always had in mind to take a gapyear before continuing education. I Love to travel and had some varieus idea's in mind but when a good friend of mine also decides to take a gapyear and to go abroad, we made a plan together.We bought a camper van, turned it into a hippie bus and for almost five months we travelled through Europe. Togheter and with lots of friends who joined us during our journey, we saw some of the most amazing and interesting places in Europe and a lot of places that you nrmally wouldn't see when travelling to the touristic places in Europe by plane or train.

After those great months we came back to the Netherlands and very soon we were back into the normal life and day to day routine. Time was come to chose a study and with that choice I also decided that I wanted to go back to Amsterdam to have the best studentlife experience. With three other friends i've found a appartment in Amsterdam and i'm living here since the summer of 2014. It's a lot of fun and never boring, perfect for me ! I'm also studying in Amsterdam since 2014. First Business Administration at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam but when I realized it wasn't the right study for me I switched in September 2015 to International Business & Innovation Studies at Inholland University of Applied Science.

With this portfolio website I want to give the world a look into my life. I will tell about myself, my interest, learnings, study and carreer and it is mention for both businesses and study and friends and family. I hope you're interested and that you would like to take a further look at my website !