Welcome to my IBIS adventure


The International Business and Innovation Studies was the only study at InHolland that really caught my attention. I love innovation and business together because these two are what shapes entrepreneurs. In the future I want to work in Asia because of the vibrant cultures and ever changing innovations.

Subjects like the international world of business really keeps me thinking about the future and how it could affect the world.

In fundamentals of business it is all about how a business works, maintains effectiveness and remains sustainable and how important it is to make profit.

And last but not least: English. It is always important to learn more business terminology and how to approach a business with a great level of knowledge about the world we live in.

Meta Skills


Meta skills are skills that enable us to use them effectively. Studying at IBIS has opened a whole new window for students to use their skills to their full potential.


To define is to explain the nature of basic qualities. During this term at IBIS I used the skill define to express ourself in a professional way.I used it to define business model canvases, different exercizes in english class and any other class in this course.


What better way to use design than in a innovation study. IBIS students use design constantly to complete groupwork or homework. Design can be used later on in a creative work environment.


To execute is to take everything we learned so far and produce it according to a plan or design. I had to execute multiple obligations for the course of term 1 such as a poster, a blog, a business model canvas, a portfolio and a website.


I have learned a great deal in this first term. Every class I experienced this term and everything I learned was quite new.


Leading is one of the more important skill to have. To lead is to show a team the right way to realise certain goals you have set as a teamleader.

About me

Hi! My name is Ashley. I was born and raised in the city of Paramaribo,Suriname in 1994.

My father was an Asian immigrant who is from Malaysia and my mother is from Hong Kong. I have a lot of different cultural influences in my life which I am very proud of.

I have traveled all around the Carribean because I used to be a competitive swimmer and was on the national Surinamese swimming team. My parents, siblings and I also takes a lot of trips back to Asia to visit family and to enjoy the many different cultures Asia has to offer. What I like most about traveling is the different cultures and food I get to try.

I want to work in Asia someday and that is why I chose to study IBIS. I moved to the Netherlands when I was about 18. It was hard to adjust at first because of I studied at the university first, but when I got to HBO it was much easier to familiarize myself because the classes are smaller. Studying at IBIS really gets me in touch with my creative side. After all, it is all about innovation.

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