Welcome to my IBIS Passport

I am a Business Innovation student at IBIS. This is a sneak peak into my learning advantures. This website also reflects on my experience, subjects and assignments.

What innovation means to me is reframing challenges as opportunities. Within class projects, I am drawn to those moments when a team collectively ‘sighs,’ because the number of apparent roadblocks has increased to a point of frustration. It’s easy for teams to stop trying in these moments, and change focus by moving to another problem with an easier solution. But really, this is the worst time to stop trying, because you have done all the work that prepares you for an innovative move.

Quote by Steve Jobs

What Steve Jobs meant by this is if you follow in another company’s footsteps, you will never make any noticeable impact. Think about companies that have innovated something so revolutionary, that it has been woven into our lexicon. “Goggle” “Kleenex” “Tivo”, etc.