*** If you wish, you may use these 2 Calculators to see how many Stat/Skill points are required for every Job Class level by level. (Not 100% up to date or correct)

Strength (STR)
- Increase Maximum HP
- Increase Carrying Weight
- Increase Physical Defense (DEF)
- Increase Melee Weapon Damage every 1.0 point?
- Increase Ranged Weapon Damage every 2.5 points?
Dexterity (DEX)
- Increase Dodge Rate (AVO)
- Increase Movement Speed (M-Spd)
- Increase Bow and Katar Damage every 1.0 point?
- Increase Other Melee Weapon Damage every 2.5 points?
Intelligence (INT)
- Increase Maximum MP
- Increase Magic Defense (M-Def)
- Increase Magic Attack Damage (M-Atk)
Concentration (CON)
- Increase HP/MP Regeneration Rate
- Increase All Attack Accuracy (HIT)
- Increase Gun Attack Damage
- Increase Crafting Success Rate
Charisma (CHA)
- Increase Monster Aggressiveness towards Player (small increase)
*** This does not occur much against Yellow, Green, Blue, Gray Monsters.
*** This occurs A LOT against Orange, Red, Purple Monsters.
*** Some lower level monsters may run from you during battle.
- Increase Quest Reward Bonus (experience, money, etc)
- Increase Quest Item Drop Rates (small increase)
- Increase Normal Rare Drop Rates (small increase)
Sensibility (SEN)
- Increase Critical Hit Rate (ONLY Normal Attacks) & (Ignore Target Physical Defense?)
*** NOTE :: Requires nearly 200 SEN to be near 100% Critical Rate.
*** NOTE :: SEN can replace CON if it is high enough.
- Increase Skill Damage (small increase)
- Increase Quality of Crafted Items