Showcase B1.2

Nikki Butter


I welcome you to my showcase. My name is Nikki Butter. I am 20 years old and I am proud to be a student Industrial Design at the Technical University of Eindhoven.

This showcase will show the progress that I have made as a designer in the past semester. As can be seen in the menu above, my website is divided into different parts.

Special thanks go to Thijs Krooswijk for helping me understand the basics of using HTML, and to Bart Kuivenhoven for making it possible to put my website online.

How to navigate

In the chapter ‘Vision and Identity’ is described what interests me in design and in life, and how I strive to implement this in everything I do. It also describes my characteristics, which distinguish me as a designer.

In ‘Past’ some information of my past semester and my H-verdict can be found.

In ‘Activities’ you will find the activities that have contributed to my development in the past semester.
When clicking ‘Activities’, ten icons will appear below the activities-button, these icons represent the ten competency areas. When visiting an activity some of the icons turn pink. These pink icons are the competencies have been developed while working this particular activity.
An overall reflection of the competency areas can be found by clicking the icons.

In the chapter ‘Development’ I will give an overall reflection upon the past semester.

In ‘Future’ my future goals are described.

Enjoy your visit!