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Assessment – Melchior ten Velden 563517 – PSD1 – IBIS passport appraisal – 2814BI114A – chance 1

Melchior ten Velden

Hello, my name is Melchior ten Velden. I was born on the 4th of July aka independence day in 1993, which makes me 22. I lived almost all my life in Overveen, a small village in Bloemendaal next to Haarlem and the beach Zandvoord/ Bloemendaal. I'm the youngest of three. My dad works at a firm that makes ID and passports for NL, Interpol, you name it! My mother has her own homeopathic clinic where she helps people on a not so conventional way. My brother lives in New-Zealand where we visited him last christmas. My sister lives in Amsterdam and studies to be a technical nurse. I already finished one education with diploma and am now following a second study called International Business and Innovation Studies. From 2011 till 2014 I lived in a very small town called Driebergen where I followed my first business study called the IVA.

When I was 6 years old me and my family went to peru to climb the Inca-trail to Machu Picchu. Nowadays you can take the bus, back then that wasn't an option. I had my own backpack which could only fit a sleeping sack and an fluffy bear. I was the youngest of the group and if I have to believe my guide I was the youngest ever too climb and finish the trail. I don't believe it because there must be at least one other kid who made the climb. After that trip we discovered more countries.

I played sport almost all my life, started when I was born with the canoe,later gymnastics (5-6),climbing, I did judo as well which I enjoyed very much, soccer and more. Now i have a bad knee so i don't sport as i used to do. Just like sport I had tons of hobbies: crafts, painting, making movies, playing guitar, watch movies and many many more.

My first job was dish washer in a restaurant, my dream back then was to become a chef. This dream shattered when i worked in the kitchen, the love of making food for others became a nightmare. After that I did sales, what was okay but not my cup of tea. I worked here and there mainly friends dads that needed help in their companies. I did an internship at a bacon factory at the quality department and after studying I worked there all most full-time.In the spring of 2015 i did volunteer work for an American organization called Habitat For Humanity. I build a house in Kyrgyzstan for a family in need. This was an real eye opener for me and everybody in the group. I can recommend it to everybody. I would like to go again this year but sadly I don't have the time for it. meinkyrgyzstanthis is me in Kyrgyzstan.

About the site

This website is known in the IBIS programme as a "Passport website". Every student has to make one. The idea is that it works like a real passport. It shows where you come from, where do you want to go and everything between that. The passport website should consist of a portfolio, where all the insights for the semester should be documented. The IBIS pageis the course in general and what I learned. This is the same for the IVA page.