Thursday February 15, 2007
Again i've added many new cars
to the photoshop section, on page 4!
So go there and check it out ;)
Oh and don't forget to leave a message :)

Wednesday February 14, 2007

Hey peeps
I've added a guestbook to the contact page!
Check it out, and please sign it!

Wednesday January 31, 2007
Hi all..
I have added a brand new mix!
My first mix of 2007!
Go get it in the Music section!
(but it includes old songs too)

Wednesday January 24, 2007

Added some Manga Tuned Cars on the "Stuff" Page ;)
Check it out

Friday January 19, 2007
New Honda Civic added to photoshop section! (page 3).

Monday January 15, 2007
Welcome to my site..

I created this site to show to people what i can dowith photoshop, and what i like and stuff.
And also a bit because i was a bit bored =).
I hope you like it, and just look around, and have fun ;)


Note: I am willing to make things(banners, userbars, and more)on request, against a small price what can be talked about .
If you're interested go to the contact page, e-mail me, or leave a message in my guestbook.

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