About me


Hello my name is Lawrence Meijer

I'm a student at Business IT Management in Alkmaar. For webmarkup I had to make a site in html5 and css3.

And this is the site I made for the subject.

I'm 20 years old and live in North Holland, Obdam. I love pizzas they are my favorite food and that's why this site is about them. On this site you can read also about the history of pizza

My hobbies besides eating pizza are working out and playing video games. I think my favorite pizza has to be margerita or pizza supreme, but pepperoni sounds good too. If you got any questions about pizza's feel free to use the contact form


The future

In the future I hope to get my masters after my bachelor and after that I'll look for a job. I'm hoping to work at Microsoft because it's a well established company which is known world wide.

I hope to work at Microsoft in America. I got my cambridge certificate so I can work/study abroad if I want to later. This is also the reason I typed everything in English. I speak English fluently so I'll have no trouble living there.This also goes well with my name Lawrence which is more like an American name rather than a Dutch one.

In the end though the future is still wide open with many choices to be made, so I might choose a job later in Netherlands too.

Written by Lawrence Meijer