Reasoning And Thinking

my learnings and ingsights for thinking and reasoning

I really liked the thinking and reasoning class becuase I have always found really intresting to deepen in on how i think and how other people do.
A big part of this cource was writing blog, a way to put your thougts on paper. I found out that doing that is pretty hard for me, it takes a lot of time for me to start writing. but i noticed that it is already easier now so that is really postive. i think i still can get a lot better in it.

We also learned how arguments work how to use them and what argument arrent valid to use. I always loved debating having arguments with people. After this cource i learned to debate better, i do know now what is a ''bullshit argument'' is and what is a good way to debate.

I think that it is really important that as a business man you now how to put your thoughts on paper, and even more important that you can discuss in a valid way. So this course was really usefull!


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