About me:Short summary of My life story

My name’s Federico Bonfanti and currently I’m only 18 years old. Where to begin… I was born in Italy on the 22nd of February 1997, in a really small countryside city, close to Milan called Cittiglio.

The first 13 years of my life aren’t very interesting, as I basically did the same things over and over in the same town in Italy. From pre-school to middle school in the same small town. Yes it’s true my habits and the things I did growing up changed as I was getting older but basically it was very repetitive.

One day though, my life completely changed. Out of nowhere my parents told me that the situation in Italy was really critical and that we needed to move out because of the economical crisis that impacted Italy. So they decided to move to Indonesia. It was all so sudden to me. I only had one month to wrap up “my life” and move to Indonesia. It really wasn’t easy saying goodbye to all my friends that had been the same since I was about 3 years old in pre-school.

I moved to Indonesia and it was a completely different “world”. Everything was different from Italy. The language, weather, lifestyle, people, roads literally everything changed. It was really hard for me to adapt to this changes at first. But then I started school and met a lot of people, even though it was hard for me to bond with people because at the time I could not speak English and there were no Italian guys in my school. But time went by and started knowing everyone, they really helped me settle in my new life and I started to really enjoy it and have fun.

Moving to Indonesia gave me so many opportunities such as learning the English and the Indonesian language, meeting different people from all over the world (Indonesia is a very international country). It also gave me the chance to study in an International school, which adapts the Cambridge International Examination program. Once graduated that program would have given me the chance to apply in University all around the world. And I did.

I chose to apply in the Netherlands at InHolland University. So after 5 years of living in Indonesia (Bali), where I started a new life, and made bonds with loads of people, I had to say goodbye to everyone and go on to my next adventure, which was moving to Holland.

Currently I am enrolled at Hogeschool InHolland, and I live in Amsterdam, which by the way is a beautiful city. I am meeting new people everyday here and I generally love this country. I hope the future holds many interesting things for me.