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Bob Marley at 9 Mile

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Dear friends

In 1978 I bought Babylon By Bus, a record by Bob Marley which was released that year. The cover had a map of Jamaica on the inside … and a dream was born!!!



I had to go there one day!!!




And that time has come…

June 2006

Mo'bay, i am on my way !!!




There are many reasons for making this project.


First and most of all to show that dreamz can come true!

Keep the Faith, be patient and never lose hope!


Second is to show the world that JA is beautiful and gotta lot to offer.

It is possible for a single woman to visit, just show some Respect and understand where the people are coming from. The country is poor and they all wanna make an extra dollar. Wouldn’t you? (check: Life and Debt documentary)


Third I am trying to make my first website, so why not practice on it with a subject that left a great impression… Jamaica!! I wanna Give Thanks to the people who made it possible to use some of their pics / links to make it shine to the fullest.


One Love

After a hectic year this was the perfect break for me!!

I booked


my Euro’s

into brand

new USD

and went

to Amsterdam airport

for my


to be 9

hour flight.

It took

a couple

of hours longer due to delays and a stop in Puerto Plata. (Dominican Republic)














I was told to sit on the right side of the plane for the view of Montego Bay (Mo’bay) on arrival. And that turned out to be great adviseit was beautiful!!! Have a look for yourself...

Cockpit wasn’t an option.. But the view is wowwwwwwwwwwwww…..

And then… finally we landed at Sangster National Airport where we were welcomed to the island. I love the sound of patois it right away made me feel at home! But that vibe disappeared for a short while when I came to immigration and was told not to fill in my forms with a fancy coloured pen (pink) but just black or blue. Ok, no problem I will do it again as long as you let me in!!

"Babylon" by bus ??

Nahhh... Paradise by plane!!Immigration...

Normally there is a group singing to welcome you to the island but we were too late for that because of all the delays.

Tekstvak: Eternal Father bless our land, 
Guard[1] us with Thy Mighty Hand, 
Keep us free from evil powers, 
Be our light through countless hours. 
To our Leaders, Great Defender, 
Grant true wisdom from above. 
Justice, Truth be ours forever, 
Jamaica, Land we love. 
Jamaica, Jamaica, Jamaica land we love. 

Teach us true respect for all, 
Stir response to duty’s call, strengthen us the weak to cherish, 
Give us vision lest we perish. 
Knowledge send us Heavenly Father, 
Grant true wisdom from above. 
Justice, Truth be ours forever, 
Jamaica, land we love. 
Jamaica, Jamaica, Jamaica land we love. 

^ Another version has "Guide" instead of "Guard" in the second line of the first verse.
One Love...

One People...

One Aim...

One Destiny...

Currency exchange ...

Coming out of the airport, guys are waiting to bring your luggage to the busses which takes your straight to the hotel. (Don’t forget to tip them!)


           Somebody was complaining about the safety hammers for the

           windows they were missing. That’s safer in Jamaica the driver

           said. Otherwise the windows would be smashed when there was 

           no need for it. So he showed them to us and kept them in his

           dashboard. At last we could hit the road, up to the hotel at last.

The Jamaican dollars have famous people on it like Marcus Garvey .