Dear Reader,

I tried to 'construct' the story of the family of my father to the best of my knowledge.  As all persons directly involved are no longer among us, at least not in the flesh, I had to make use of what I was told by their offspring, and things I could find on the net or otherwise. While talking to cousins I never made notes, only listened to what they had to tell.
So writing down of any of the info was done later, from what I remembered.

Therefore I apologize for any factual incorrectnesses. If anyone feels the need to correct me on certain facts given here, please do not hesitate do so by sending me an email. I'd be very grateful for that.
I also apologize for any faulty expressions or spelling in English, as it's not my native language. I just chose it in order to have the possibility to reach as many people interested as possible. My wife said, she could 'read the Dutch between the English lines', especially in expressions.. I'm very grateful for her corrections and support. As for the rest: I'm not ashamed, I did my best.

If you care, you understood. If not, send me an email at hotelpostma@deds.nl. Whe can try to work it out.

Nevertheless, I do not apologize for going public with the stories as such. I just followed a certain 'itch' to do so. And to deal with the truth as respectful as possible.

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