yup, the crew in various stages of their lifes... or something....

Quite a "while" ago, two programmers worked together on a game. The game was called, cliché-masters as they were, "Red Baron" and included planes, guns, more planes and a Frisian flag (no, we don't know why, so don't even ask). As it turned out, having all the ingredients for a perfect action game (sarcasm-alert) doesn't necessarily mean it'll turn into something good, but nevertheless, this cooperation lead to the founding of Femo Duo Entertainment !

Femo Duo made games like: "Asskicking", "Turbo Truck", "Fantasy Fighter", a cool Startrek clone, "Hank's Quest", "Enclosure" and lots of others (you'd probably never heard of)...

And some unfinished games like: "Asskicking v2 & 3", "Partners", "Het Eiland" (The Island), "Fantasy Fighter 2 (CGA sequel)", "Pizza Dude" and lots, LOTS of others....

So as you can see, in their career, Femo Duo made lots of games...Most of them were never finished and discarded, but anyways, there are some games actually finished, like the "classic" Fantasy Fighter.

Many systems/interpreters have been used to create games.. Like Sierra On-Line's AGI. Since we're long-time fans of Sierra's adventures, "Hank's Quest" was soon a finished project, only to be followed shortly by "Enclosure".



What the fuck is a "disappointing dog"?
(M.B. Mathers, Detroit, MI)

Well, that's a term we invented. It translates to "sneue hond" in Dutch. A proper translation would lead to "pathetic dog", but the lead-programmer and also translator, thought it would sound better 'cause of alliteration......

VERDAMMT NOCH MAL! Warum porträtieren Sie Deutsche Lehrer wie Nazi's?!
(Andy Zweieinhalbguldenstück, Bonn, Deutschland)

Wir haben es nicht gewüsst!

jij ass, hoe kom ik in de studeerkamer en waarom kan ik alleen een bierflesje in de kelder vinden en waarom duurde het mij eeuwen om van dat toilet af te komen, vuile eikel ik kom je halen !!!?
(Jasper the Great, Ljouwert, Fryslân)


Is there a solution in UHS format for Hank's Quest??
(J.Strautmann, U.S. of A.)

Yes, but it's not uploaded yet!

Can you please put in more 'basement puzzles' in future games?
(Marco Ronalds, Amsterdam)


Will there be a sequel to 'Enclosure'?
(A lot of people from around the world)

Although we're currently not working on something of the sort, it's always a possibility.

Why are some of the games on the 'project' page not up for download?
(Andy McIntier, Portland, Maine)

Mainly because a couple of them contain registered names and/or logo's. Others (missing in the download section as well) are simply there to showcase our work.

I think your site looks very professional! You are a couple of handsome young boys!

Thanks, mom! :D