From "top-down view" action games, to Sumo-wrestling games. From serious strategy games, to semi-realistic simulators. From ASCii to Hi-Res VGA. From Basic to AGI. But especially, fighting games... Lots of fighting games...

Here are a few games who were critically acclaimed as.... As, err, just check 'em out, will'ya?!


_"Hank's Quest - Victim of Society"
_"Gehoorzaamheidscursus" (obedience course for dogs)
_"Sumo Wrestling"
_"Fantasy Fighter"


Hank's Quest

Join Hank on his quest to organize the ultimate party. All he has to find are drinks, snacks, a location and.. friends!. A game that's worth downloading or at least watching the trailer of...

titelscreen, mysteriously named: intro.gif
Hank's Quest Title Screen

the hallway....
Roaming the school hall-ways for friends

"better pay attention, hank! you wouldn't end up making 'sum kinda lousy webpage, would you??"
On a quest for another F

soccer, yup... very popular in europe... atleast with some people....
Paul playing soccer

dark room.... no no no, not that kinda darkroom.... some people....
Hank in the janitor's (dark) room

or at least Hank is...
Master Mind at work!


Another game (AGI-style): It's spooky, it's adventurous & it's certainly worth downloading! Or maybe you'd like to get in the mood first by watching the trailer! Some screenshots...

"Roger! Ready fo' take-off!"
Taking off

How do you fly this thing??
Are you cabable of landing a helicopter?

Greenland! ...Sigh!
Investigating the surroundings of station 'Mary'

Scouting around
The doctor's in

Yes, you deserved it!
Every hero needs his sleep

Is there a seat left, folks?
Enjoying breakfast



'WWF CGA' (or 'Wrestlemania - CGA') was one of our larger projects. A game to be proud of, with high-detailed wrestlers & backgrounds! Besides the obvious use of the WWF logo it is also rumored that a couple of registrered names from the WWF are featured in this game as well. Oh well, they're just rumours and as long as Vince McMahon doesn't find out, who's worrying?

WWF CGA, plain 'n simple!
The old logo of the WWE in CGA colours

more than you'd expect, eh?
Select the wrestler of your choice

He's getting up, all right!
Oh no!! The POWER BOMB!!

Only one will survive!


Well... The original version of this program was very simple, but was lost in "Da Big HD Crash of 19'sumthing"...
(A.K.A. "Grandmasta Chris' Big Adventure: Fiddling around with FDISK"). And since some fragments were recovered, the game was fully reprogrammed and presented in stunning 640x480x2 graphics!

yeaah baby, MCGA 640x480 hi-res 2 colors!

Sumo Wrestling

This game here was a side-project. Hence there are some real playability problems here (at least, people say so)... But of course, the graphics are magnifically mastered and the sound is radical, Rex! Not to mention the use of real Sumo-wrestlers! Oh boy!

Sumo wrestling, the most underrated sport
A daring font

Choose your desired Sumo wrestler

Carefull with that thing! You might get hurt!
The day starts off with a ceremony...

And that's..... OUT OF THE RING!
...and then, the wrestlers commence into combat


Camouflageman was a very famous comic superhero in the Netherlands back in the ol' days (created by us!!)! Soon we were asked to make a game based on this cool character ft. his evil opponent; Bart Begonia. And.... well... did I mentioned we're compulsive liars?? 

Kick-ass logo here,,,
A hero is born...

That's what friends are for, I guess
...and so is his arch enemy

On a mission from God (-knows who)
The chief is asking Camouflageman for help

To the rescue!!
Our hero doesn't hesitate...

Those silly pedestrians!
...nor does he own a drivers license

That's a pretty impressive score!!
Playing computer games is bad for you!

Fantasy Fighter

Fantasy Fighter is one of our 'cult-classics'. It features arcade-style gaming, 3 characters and 1 boss (who is on the last image). Together with crazy moves and rather challenging gameplay you're in for many hours of fun...

3 characters indeed
The three characters

"Take this, you  bastard!"
It's never a good idea to cheat with chess

"What the..!"

Sharing a piece of the pie
That'll teach 'm!

Out of my way!!
Who said old ladies are harmless?

Walking the dog...
"Who wants a kiss!?"