Hi Welcome to my IBIS I am a IBIS Student Means International Busienss Innovations study Where we learn to be creative and to work with your hands and design things what comes into your mind. We learn to work in groups together and work individual and on my website here you can find some personal information and detail about myself who I am ? What I do and you can find an Introduction about myself, also you can find Inspirations on my website where i will tell about motivational sayings.

Also About my IBIS refelection and how to contact me.

Art and Design by Matthew James Taylor

Zubayir Wahid


My Talents The talents have got in me are many and everyday I realise that i can do more than expeted. My multi tasking ability helps me get my daily schedule done.

My Business dreams:Not working for a boss but my own business. To have Financial freedom in life, and make a product that can save human life

Definition of succes: I do and try things out in life knowing that I am going to fail alot but thats not a problem, because you only fail when you refuse to try.