IWO stands for International World of Business. It is one of the course I took very important and I had at my 1st term in IBIS.

"Art is what I understand, it is the best way I could express myself. It only been a few weeks but Ibis has already given me my voice."

#WELCOME TO MY PAGE, My name is Ayi Onikoyi. I will try to bring you along the journey of my student life at INholland University of applied science. The subjects on it now are only the subject I had for the 1st term of year one. The journey of IBIS has been great so far and I hope that the rest of the school year goes well as well. I would for sure recommend IBIS to anyone interested. Without Ibis you won't be able to see this, because they taught me how to make a website. Html/css class was quite interesting because it has taught not to relay on the teacher for everything.