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All photos are İMaarten Otto


 A TGV PBA passing Leiden Centraal at 80 km/h. Holland 27-02-2005



 TGV TMST 3305 in GNER liverie. "Harringay reverse sigdings" London 2003



 A TGV Reseau near St. Cyr / Le Leque (Marseille - Toulon line) Summer 2002



 TGV PBKA 4333 near Hollandse rading under "De boogjes" a special catainery system that is only installed on this line



 A TGV Reseau at Marseille St. Charles, Summer 2002



 A TGV PBA (Thalys) and TMST (Eurostar) at Brussels south. Winter 2001



 Opened coupler of a TGV reseau. Lille Europe winter 2001



 TGV TMST 3306 for the "white Rose" service to Leeds, London Kings Cross summer 2003



 TGV PBKA 4345 at Rotterdam Centraal, September 2003



 TGV PBA 4534 at Rotterdam Centraal, September 2003