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Back in business
Hi there,
JippieKaJee Motherfuckers where back in town for a few months then im moving to the states :-)
So what happend ? Well i was almost a year in the states for some business with my dad for his company.
So now i just cleaned my teamkilling rifle and i will hunt you all down mofo's

So beware the President is back !


Well now im back i played some games on Ghostdog's gay rocketserver and its still the same, well there are more adminlamers now ... This server sucks more then in the days, the fruitpicker eXo is still crying on the server well there are more eXo's now on this gayserver ... crying crying crying and for the admin(s) suck my motherfucking dick !

Teamkiling till im banned !

My first screenie :-)


Counterstrike : Source sexy girl kelis, mosh pit, TEAMKILL MOVIE no cheating !

Hi lamers look at this counter-strike video its awsome !


The Hidden - Teamkill

Hi lamers
After a good year of laming and teamkilling this season is almost on his end !
I myself wish you all a good summer (beer,girls,party and drugs) and hope to see you all after the summer with a lot of laming and teamkilling ... and keep taking pictures lamers :-)
And for all the gayadmins have a good summer @ home kicking the lamers muwaahaaa suckers! Yeehaa almost  on vacation see ya suckers ...
Here the latest pictures :-)

It was a nice gayming week with a lot of kickvotes,teamkills,and much laming :-) some of the T&L members got a lot of bans,kickvotes,warnings and insults :-)
Unnamed wins this match he got the most points (bans'teamkills...)follows by the president and Quicksilver !
Here you can see some pictures.

Hi all i made a new page Kickvotes there you can see the players that been kicked :-)

Hehe this player got a big problem he cant go up someone blocking his way
and we all know whats gone happen here "player got killed" and other team scores !
Thats lame
Oh take a look @ this its really nice (members only) what a retard !
Nice Unnamed :-)

Fuck this shit

Again again and again.....
This noob admin keeps removing our T&L members from the server !
Think he is jerking of when he ban some1 ......
Keep up the good work .


Nicksteeler President
Always nice to play with an other players nickname!
And look at the flagkills woohoo im al lamer...


Wtf nigger !

Oh here a nice picture from Rocket_Airforce_One he just insulted this player just because he dident attack !
Oh but you can do that on the GhostDog rocket server because this Rocket_Airforce_One is from Germany so no problemo .... you just get banned on this server for killing the admin 2 times in the base and for camping !
Mr GhostDog maybe you should change your name to N*ziDog you stupid fuck !
And sorry Unnamed . ...

Tactical ops

Return to castle wolvenstein

Mutter Theresa's first screenie !

What the fuck is an arschlog ?

Tactical ops

Fun fun fun :D Unreal Tournament
Hi fraggers here you can see some pictures taking by
Unnamed,MaroonX and The president,this picture are all taken on the rocket server!
And for the TL members please dont kick your mates ... yes this one is for you Unnamed u little **** you kicked me a few times !
Have fun fraggers and beware of the gayadmins !

Man down

Special moment Friday 03-02-2006
Here a special moment The President makes a cap on tha rocketserver !
Have a nice weekend.....
Peace :-)
The President Of The USA !

Competition wednesday 01-02-2006
We are gone make a litlle teamkilling and laming competition,
more later...

Wednesday 01-02-2006 first picture from Quiksilver :D
Hi there,
Here we got the first picture from Quicksilver keep up tha good work !
Man down !

Sunday 28-01-2006
Some of our members have tried the good tip(program) from Unnamed and it seems to work but it have a little bug!
And for one member it seems not to work so Unnamed is gone work on the bug..... Here a log from Unnamed 27-01-2006.
If you play on some servers dont play with your T-L nick read more  >> here

Medal Of Honor



Unreal Tournament

The President Of The USA with his big redeemer !

The President Of The USA with his big redeemer !

Teamkilling pictures



This flag carrier boost of by Unnamed !

Yes this player is going down!
Picture taking by The President Of The USA !

Well you all now what is gone happen here?
......pushed Kiwi into an uncomfortable place.
The red flag was returned :-)



Muwahaaaa n00b sniper blast of by The President Of The USA !


Unreal Tournament

Very good teamkill and laming server rockets only!
Watchout for the admins!
ServerIP =
Tip:If you teamkill or lam on this server play with an nickname that you can find on the rocketforum!

Good server for teamkilling the n00b snipers and laming!
4 face maps.
Most of the time no admins on the server!
ServerIP = Face server:
Good server 12 player slots and relics
No admins around :-)


There are 3 servers all (face only) 10 player slots good server for teamkilling and laming!
Admins have acces to all 3 servers!
Admins : DazeCredo
ServerIP1 =
ServerIP2 =
ServerIP3 =

LOLMAN Ctf public:
Good server 10 playerslots (face only)
Most of the time no admins around!

ServerIP1 =

Sniper's Heaven
This is a sniper server but with a friendly fire damage of 40%
ServerIP =


n00b server easy teamkilling (face only)
No admins :-)

ServerIP =


Medal Of Honor

-=TS=- Titan Soldiers
Good server for teamkilling
ServerIP =

Old bastard clan
18 player slots freeze-tag
ServerIP =

Tactical ops


16 player slots

ServerIP =

PP] Clan Server / SemiPublic / FastDL
Server-IP =

Unreal Tournament 2004

Terra Ut2004 TDM
6 player slots friendly fire on !
ServerIP =

Tommy & Lior
16 player slots
ServerIP =


Log files

Laming & Teamkilling picture