Travian Attack Rapporter with Defense Time Solutions

Example: Go to the page where you see the attacks,
Copy the text on that page to here: ("Ctrl+A", "Ctrl+C")
Paste the info to this screenbox: "Ctrl+V" and press on [Process]

[Information is not processed yet. Click on button Process]

Is this the first visit: click on [Explain!] (it might be still in dutch)
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Extra info and links:

If this page does not work or you have multiple villages with the same name, please enter it manually.

Does this page do not work as you expect or do not understand anything: go to your alliance leader.
The Tardis is a simple tool to filter part of the information, not something that solves all your problems;)
1: Tardis is usually used by players that used to play together with R!chard.
2: In ally defense collage, a (small) picture of a Tardis should be placed.
Created by R!chard, Skype: