I am sorry USA.

I am sorry for the decisions made by some of my fellow Dutchmen.
I am sorry that my country is one of the worst partners in our war against terror.
I am sorry for the weak judges and politicians that should be serving justice but instead are disgracing, embarrasing and betraying what we stand for.
It is important to let the world know, that there are a lot of people over here that do not support those decisions and are sceaming for justice.

This terrorist is NOT a Dutch civilian. He came to Holland to make money and take advantage of our social system.
It was only in 2001 that he became a Dutch civilian and after that he volunteered to fight against US and Coalition Troops in Iraq and should be punished as an terrorist.
We don not want people like him over here. They are disgracing our country.

It is unbelievable that a criminal like him is instantly released by a Dutch judge while he should be serving several more years in prison.
I hope the US will take a lesson out of this and will never transfer prisoners back to the Netherlands because they WILL be released no mather what.

I feel so ashamed of what happened...

I can not find the words to explain how I feel about the Courts, Lawyers, Judges in the Netherlands.
But I know one thing... this is only one of many cases where criminals are not punished enough.
Every day normal citizens are molested, robbed, raped, killed,... and every day we read shit in the newspaper concerning judges fucking up.
Terrorists and criminals should be helped, supported, get counseling...

But a man like Geert Wilders... yeah... he should be put in jail for saying the truth.
Serious... Wesam Al-Delhakbar is freed instantly after planting bombs and attacking a prison guard,
but when Wilders tells the truth about some medieval religion he should be punished?

What a fucked up world we live in...
What does it take to get some people in charge with some common sense??!!


I am not alone..
get someone to translate those comments: