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PVP and PVE balance
We are a mainstream pvp guild with occasionally a pve try.
How does that work? Simple for our pvp goals and ideas you can read in the pvp section of these pages. For the pve parts we will explain a bit below.


As said above our mainstream is in pvp, but every now and then when people are fed up with the pvping we can plan a trip to one of the 5 man instances. Why? Because the rewards of those instances will help us in the goals we set for pvping. We want to try to clear the 5 man instance on Heroic setting so that the rewards will be fruitful!

Besides the occasional 5 man heroic instances we want to plan a 1 evening a week trip to one of the bigger 25 man instances. Just to test our might and try to gain a little progress in playing those instances. If and when everything goes right we might be planning on returning there before the instance reset. To gain even more rewards for our pvp mission.