Virtual War INSTALLATION $Date: 2005/02/05 19:07:02 $



1. Installation

Installation Guide

  1. Unpack the package to a folder on your harddisk
  2. Upload all files from the package to your webspace.

    Upload the directory convert/ and all included files only if you need them.
    The converter files can be abused to delete all your match/war entries!

  3. Set the following directories and files (by using the CHMOD commmand) to 777

    • backup/
    • images/gameicons/
    • images/locations/
    • images/member/
    • images/newsicons
    • images/screen/
    • images/smilies/
    • includes/language/
    • includes/
    • upload/
    • vwarcard.dat

  4. Run install.php in the install/ directory by entering the complete url in your web browser ( and follow the instructions
  5. Once the installation has been finished successfully, delete the file install.php in the install/ directory
  6. Set up VWar in the Admin Control Panel (
You don't have to use the updates if you are installing Virtual War for the first time!
After installing with install.php you will always have the latest version!

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