Virtual War - MVCW Converter $Date: 2005/09/02 17:25:34 $




1. Description

What is this converter for?

This converter imports all relevant data from the "MV Clanwar Script" to Virtual War.


What will be converted?

The following things will be converted:
  • All match/war entries including points and played maps
  • All opponent entries
  • All screenshots


2. Usage

What do i need to use the converter?

You need the file cw.dat, which is used by the "MV Clanwar Script" for data saving purposes.


How do i start the conversion?

The file cw.dat (see: What do i need to use the converter?) has to reside in your Virtual War Root Directory.
You can run the conversion then by calling the file in your web browser. (Beispiel:


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