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Virtual War Read Me $Date: 2005/09/02 17:25:49 $



1. General Description

VWar is a webbased matchorganizing system for online gamers.
The complete output is realised by PHP with MySQL as database backend.
The system is divided into 2 parts, the public area and the admin area.
The powerful admininterface gives you the possibility to manage all actions, settings and even the html-appearance (realised by templates).
The public frontend is a detailed overview of all your teamaction, your members, your pending actions a.s.o.

2. Usage

Usage is simple as possible, even if you got no experience in php scripts.

Explanation of the single Scripts

  • calendar.php:
    the calendar which holds all events

  • challenge.php:
    allows others to challenge your team

  • stats.php:
    the main statistics script

  • war.php:
    the main file, which handles all match display actions
    (matchlist, nextactions, signup, signoff, comments ...)
    - war.php?action=nextaction: displays the nextaction page

Explanation of the Extras (extra/):

  • calendar_include.php:
    use this to include a small version of your calendar on your page (modifications in the code might be necessary!)

  • countdown.php:
    shows a javascript-countdown until your next war. note that this extra uses a head- and body-definition, so there can be complications with nonframe-sites! (modifications in the code might be necessary!)

  • events.php:
    use this to include your today's events on your page (modifications in the code might be necessary!)

  • getaccess.txt:
    with this file you can recreate rights of yours, you might have deleted (e.g. admin access). Because of security reasons, you have to follow the instructions described in that file!

  • lastactions.php, nextactions.php:
    use this to include your Last or next actions on your page (modifications at the code could be necessary!)

  • login.php:
    to include a login panel for not logged in users and a control center for logged in users on your page (modifications at the code are(!) necessary!)

  • online.php
    use this to show all online members of your clan (modifications in the code might be necessary!)

  • today.php:
    use this to show all the actions (birthdays, events, wars) of today (modifications in the code might be necessary!)

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