And at the end there was gaming



This is the History of GID…


2 Friends (GERODA & ANUB)  went to a Lanparty, for registration they needed a Clan-Titel, when the organizer of the Lan asked “What’s you’re name”

Geroda loudly responded, “ I’ve got no idea”. Ok said the organizer, NOIDEA-Clan.

(Butt all those was said in Dutch so the title of the clan became



Those 2 friends played most of the time unreal tournament.

After a while there entered an other member “RISE”, he went also to a LAN-Party and so became a  GID-Member.

After a while ANUB left the Clan because he played World of Warcraft all the time, and had no time for GID.


RISE thought that GID would be better with a site  as you see.


If we have more members, GERODA will look for a forum.