What it is?
HT Division Stats is an add-on for the popular soccer management game Hattrick. It's primary purpose is to be able to share player and team statistics between Hattrick-managers, for example for usage on conferences.

Download the latest version 0.31 here.

How to use it

Logon using your username and security code, this is NOT the password you use to logon to Hattrick!

There are two ways to collect data from certain teams:

1. The "Add division" option downloads all players from all teams in your own league, or any other league specified in "ID".

2. The "Add teamlist" option downloads all players from certain teams specified in a "teamlist.txt" file, which has to be in the same directory as the application. Refer to the same "teamlist.txt" file for how to add your favourite teams. Basically it's a list with groups of "teamname" and "teamid" items.

Once you've downloaded the data the fun starts..

- In the column section on the left you can specify which columns you want to see in the players list.

- You can sort on any column in the players list by clicking on it's column name.

- You can filter players based on any column on any criteria, using the filter/group dropdown list. Choose "Filter", choose a column which you want to filter on. Then build you filter using the "Exp" and "Value" fields. Finally click on "Filter". Click on ">> Clipboard" to copy the result in text format to the clipboard for usage in conferences. Note: if you want to return to the state before any players were filtered you have to download the data again.

- You can group on any combination of two fields. For example: make a list of the total TSI from all teams, but the possibilities are endless. Choose "Group", then choose one or two columns you want to group on, next choose from the "Exp" list "Count", "Sum", "Min", "Max" or "Avg" and click on "Group". Click on ">> Clipgroup" to copy the result in text format to the clipboard for usage in conferences.


That's basically it for now, but I'm working on a complete new version which has the same functionality for matches, and is more stable than this one. Stay tuned!