Friday, 8 June 2007

Which charactistics of a print that makes you want it?

Is it the subject matter, colour, durability or permanence or a relationship with a subject matter? For example, after a fantastic trip to trek the Great Wall, would you like a fantastic photo to remind you of the memories, or you have an adopted child from China, having these prints at home create an affinity with the culture? What do you think? What memories do you like to see on a painting or a photograph?

Starting up a fine art print business in Europe

We have started to create a web site to market exceptional high quality Giclee prints from famous painters and photographers in China. The fine art prints are printed using Hewlett Packard inks such as the Vivera ink on Hewlett Packard large format printers. Therefore the colours of the prints will exhibit excellent durability and permanence as you would expect in high end fine art. Go to our web site "Print Fine Art" for further details and for viewing our gallery which is under construction now.