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Thursday, February 25, 2010

How to set up a blog

First of all, If you are looking for how to set up a blog, you probably are new to the internet and are not really familiar to how things work in this virtual world, so let me explain to you in the first place what a blog is.

What is a blog?
To tell you the true, I don´t really know what the letter b has to do with log, but you might see through the composition of the word and kind of guess what a blog is.

If a was to define what a blog is then I should say that it is some kind of journal online that can serve for sharing information regarding to particular subjects such as private, cultural,technological,etcetera. A blog´s content consists of articles or posts which are in other words entries or updates with information of interests for you and the people you share information with.

“With a blog one can share information with the whole world or with a small group of people ”

“Well!, so far so good, but that was just the conceptual thing”

How does a blog look like?

A blog looks basically as a webpage and somebody who´s new to the internet won´t tell the difference between a regular website and a blog.

So what is the difference between a website and a blog?

In fact there are business online that are not longer using regular websites but instead they are maintaining blogs.

Some simple differences between a blog and a website are:

1.A blog keeps chronological archives of all daily entries and a website does not necessarily .
2.A website is normally used to publish corporate information that don´t necessarily needs to be constantly updated whilst it is desirable that a blog keeps the brand new information any time because a blog can be compared with a magazine and a website can be compared with an entry in the yellow pages.
“don´t get me wrong on that one, a website can and actually should be updated constantly in order to get more traffic but that´s another story.”
3.In the beginning when the first blog-platforms appeared, not long ago, they were a lot easier to use than the websites at that time because you did not need to know how to code a website in order to maintain your writings online. Writing a website during those days was tricky; Nowadays there are tools that make it just as simple for a person without high skills in computing to write either a blog or a website.

Just to wrap it all up the differences between a blog and a website are getting so narrow that it is sometimes hard to tell the difference between them.

But how do I set up a blog?

Setting up a blog is quite easy if you fulfill the requirements which are not many. In fact, there's only one : “You ought to have a valid e-mail address.”
Having a valid e-mail address is crucial while setting up a blog cause you´ll need it throughout the creation process. If you don´t have one I recommend that go and get it first, there are thousands of sites out there where you can get an email account for free. One simple way of getting to all these places is by simply typing on your search engine of choice something like...: “where to get an email address”.

So you got your email address and are ready to start up a blog site, now what?

Let me just tell you that there are thousands if not millions of free places where you can get a blog for free.

1.Search for “free blogs” on your search engine of preference.
2.Pick up one out of the results.
3.Figure out a “name” for your blog.
4.Fill up the rest of the fields and you´ll have one in no time.
5.You might probably receive a confirmation email from the blog-platform you just joined . ( replay if necessary or either hit the confirmation link in the email or copy it into your browser address bar.)
6.Some blogging platforms do not require much more hassle and you will start being a blogger almost immediately.

By:Andres Sanchez
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Saturday, October 10, 2009

I know my salesman speech sucks but apple is the best

My friends either think I´m crazy of I´m working for apple because I can really get boring talking about mac an apple products most of the time.
I don´t know why but anytime I get the opportunity I start talking heavenly things about apple and how inventive an creative apple always have being and inmediately I have to say bad things about the whole world for letting microsoft go so far, anyway , I just wanted to trough this out my chest, before it gets any worse.

In case you might wonder I´m writing this lines on my MacBook.

apple macbook

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Software that helps us be togetter even though we are not

Dotproject can do that job, with dot project an organización is a really organiced.
No company can grow significantly without software like dotproject.

I started using dotproject for my personal needs a quite ago and the results are magnificent.

Dotproject is completely free software and it costs no money, it is easy to install.

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