Welcome to my website called Leisure, which means free time. This website consists of three sections with each three pages that cover my three hobbies: PC, bodybuilding and movies. For the best and most used programs for a PC click on Software, for some good hardware you need to replace with if your PC is broken click on Hardware, for a guide to build your own PC click on Computer, for standard and basic bodybuilding exercises click on Exercises, for bodybuilding schedules click on Workouts, for minimal equipment of a home gym without taking too much room click on HomeGym, for recommended devices for watching movies click on Theater, for favorite movies click on Movies and for my BD and DVD collection click on BDs+DVDs. The last page I only made for having a summary of the movies I own and they are not for sale, not to rent, not to lend, not to exchange and not to give away. The reason I made this website is to share my knowlegde and experience about PC, bodybuilding and movies and it is obvious that this website can give you hints about your PC, bodybuilding and movies. This website lacks explanation, but with the manufacturer´s motherboard manual and website you can come a long way with building a PC by yourself. My history of bodybuilding is one with a lot of injuries, because I want to progressively lift more weight and my tendons and ligaments cannot cope with the weight, especially when doing Lying Barbell Extension. Right now I stopped with buying BD and DVD movies, because there is too much money involved, my BDs and DVDs collection is almost nothing worth and I would get far less money than I paid for it when selling this collection. Needless to say I have to find some other hobbies!

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