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Wesley Hollander

From Hell

The angel flew, his wings were spread,
their beautiful feathers took him guiding.
And ne'er did he cross paths with
a foe he was afraid of fighting.

His majesty was radiant,
his air was made of golden sparks,
his music filled the sky with sound
so beautiful that everyone harked in silent awes.

He flew across the world alone,
where landed he, but good he did.
His justice was perhaps divine,
in any way right, as it was considered.

But the angel came across a foe,
that he had not met yet.
A fire that was great as life,
a fear that no-one could forget.

And the angel feared to fight the fire,
as he felt it burning on his skin.
And as he flew, his wings caught flame,
and burned all down, to his bone so thin.

The angel fell, his skin turned red,
the ash oh his back and wings was black,
burned and broken, his doom was sealed,
and to heaven, never could he come back.

The angel lost his wings,
burned and broken, I did tell.
But just because he lost his feathers,
doesn't mean he came from hell.

Wesley Hollander

(c) 2005 by Wesley Hollander. All rights reserved. Graphics by Khairul Zikri and Wesley Hollander.