Haven't heard of LOCKERZ?

Lockerz is a new social networking site. If you get invited, you can get PTZ to use towards cool stuff. You can get PTZ for almost anything.

Some examples: Visiting the Website: 2 Points. If you have 20 friends, 4 points. Taking part of the Question in Dalies: 2 Ptz, if you have 20 friends, 4 ptz Getting a friend on the website (opening and accepting): 2 ptz, if you have 20 friends, 4 ptz When you register, the first thing you can do is a simple game, pick the small blocks. They are 3 ptz. if you do it right you can have much ptz in the beginning. (i had 29)

If you have 20 friends youre status will be Z-Listener, all points are dubbled!

Sounds too good to be true? Definitely not. It only takes you a minute to sign up. The CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Lockerz is also the CEO of Amazon & LibertyMedia. There are enough proofs on Internet (Youtube etc) that Lockerz is not fake. They are now also shipping stuff to Europe, they have atm a deliverytime of 3 weeks.

They are offering great prizes (that you can redeem with your PTZ) for a very low PTZ cost. You can earn enough points for a PS3 Slim, Vespa Scooter (7500 ptz), Jewelry, Clothes, PS3/WII/PSP/XBOX games or an Xbox 360 Elite, or even an iPod Touch.

However, you can't just go to the site and sign up, you have to get 'invited' just like Gmail and other Social networks/Mails. Its no Scam, you dont have to give any bank/creditcard nr!

In future the prices of stuff on lockerz will get higher, BUT. There will be 8 more possibilities to get PTZ! Enter your email address in the link I provided, and you'll get an invite usually within a couple minutes to hours (when lockerz have maintenance they it cud take a day).

Grtz. Patrick.

In nederlands; Gewoon f*cking registreren :P Ook al is het alleen al om mij te helpen :)

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