Master Plan


I am very passionate about working behind computers, sports and helping people. I have been playing and working behind computers since I was little, this carried over to me having some skill with computers. When I was little I used to swim and after that play football. I quitted football after 8 years off playing but still enjoy watching most sports and talking about it. I enjoy helping people and seeing them being happy because of something I helped them with. Sometimes I even help other people as much to the point that I don't get my own work done. Besides this I love organizing certain events. When I was a kid I would organize certain tournaments and when I grow older I organized tournaments on games. In high shcool we had to decorate a room for an organization that would help children with school, we had to get all the things we had to put inside the room ourselves f.e. computers and shelves. I loved this project a lot. Also on the IBMS at the HvA I had to make my own company, I enjoyed that a lot and it was very successfull.


I think a lot of my talents come from my passions, and I also think that I still have to discover a lot of my talents. I am naturally skilled with computers, I am not an expert or whatever but whenever there is something new to learn about computers, I learn it very quick. It doesn't take me much efford to use new programs and because of that I am very good with the programs I have used in the past.

Business Dream

I would like to be a manager of an innovative/creative department at a gaming or sports related company.

Definition of Success

Long term goals

Short term goals