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|Pow3r|Features Join in| Tuersday 2 February 16.30|By Illidan.


Iím proud to say, that Iíve contract just a great Mohaa player to our team. Itís Features he also be the Squadleader of the SH team. He also take with him Randall to his team. We of Pow3r welcome them greatly to our clan!.

- Illidan|CL|, Webmaster.


|Pow3r| UT Server| Monday, 31 January 21.10| By Trisatan.


Iív just test the UT server with Illidan it works great!. It will be Public most times, join us there and have some fun!

-Trisatan|CL|, Server Admin


|Pow3r| Website Online| Monday, 31 January 2005 15.32|By Illidan.


Pow3r Web is finally online. Pow3r Web is the website of the online gaming community Pow3r Clan. The clan is just started by |Pow3r|Illidan and |Pow3r|Trisatan.

- Illidan|CL|, Webmaster.





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