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Yann CollasBeste bezoeker,

Stel je voor ? ... lekker zitten te vissen, langs de vaart. surrounded by a lagoon of 200 km2, an ocean overflowing with fish, and minimal fishing activity: this is Rodrigues Island, located 560 km NE of Mauritius Island and 800 km from Reunion Island.

The numerous fishing spots around the island, especially the famous Great Eastern Bank, make it a first-class destination for "multi-fishing".

The Rod Fishing Club team would like to thank you for visiting our website and sincerely hope it will help you in preparing for your next fishing vacation.

We currently hold the new World Record for a Blue Marlin of 561.500 kg on 80 lbs stand-up by Stephan Kreupl on 30 January 2007. In addition, we hold a record prize in jigging by Christian Mercier for a Dogtooth Tuna of 104.500 kg on a line of 100 lbs the 25 October 2007. These records exhibit the strong rodriguan potential, especially for women and juniors.

In the most amicable environment, I will have the opportunity to share and spread with you my passion for sport fishing; but be careful, this virus is contagious! Some say I have scales or seawater in my veins. It's for you to decide...

I hope that at the end of your vacation you leave with more memories than you had dreamed. Its nice to have you on board.

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