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    Added the page Share to the website. Take a look!

    11:01 31-12-'13

    Re-positioned home page picture and shrunk biography images

    21:02 2/12/'13

    Added some pictures at the Projects site click here to check them out!

    19:35 10/11/'13

    Opened de new page Projects. Check it out!

    19:16 10/11/'13

    Gave up hope with the cirular text, switched to a mere image

    17:10 10/11/'13

    Reached 300th line of css style code!! \0/

    17:13 9/11/'13

    Fixed the menu at the biography page, but still working on the hover porblem

    15:57 9/11/'13

    Almost finished the interview page. click here to see the preview

    11:33 6/11/'13

    Still working on circular text. Trying to figure why it stops rotating after .char24

    10:06 8/11/'13

    Made a pretty awesome music button and music page

    10:04 6/11/'13

    Got my footer back, that apparently magicly dissapeared.

    19:16 6/11/'13

    Uploaded the CV site as well. Click here to see the cv.html page

    13:42 4/11/'13

    Reached the 200th line with the css stylesheet \o/

    21:27 2/11/'13

    Made myself an age-counter for the biography page.

    20:54 2/11/'13

    Added a clock to the menu

    13:01 2/11/'13

    Finshed Update Bar Design

    12:10 2/11/'13

    Made the Update Bar work!!

    11:52 2/11/'13