Trina and John Boy win British pentathlon

The 3rd Ladies British Pentathlon was won by Trina Gulliver with Karen Lawman in second place.
The 31st Mens British Pentathlon was won by John Boy Walton with 418 points and Tony Eccles in second place with 400 points. Phil Nixon and Steve Farmer finished in thrid and fourth place respectively.

"Written by IDPA"

Report IDL

Saturday we left around 9:00 because we wanted to be on time for darts. It went well until we came out in Zierikzee... Finally we came in our hotel in Cuijk at 12:30. We ordered a taxi and went to the Triavium. When we arrived we heard that Gary Robson won(Too bad he lost in the second round...). We did see John's match, fortunatly. He lost to Niels de Ruiter. We talked to John that evening in the hotel and he hoped that he would play better on sunday against Ronnie Baxter. Back in the hotel we were sitting at the bar with the dartplayers and had the time of our lifes. Some of those dartplayers are real clowns haha (They know who we mean ;-) )

Sunday John lost his match against Ronnie. It didn't went as we hoped. But back in the hotel again the dartplayers made us forget the sorrow of John's bad match. It was really funny to be with them and when we realised that it was out last night in the bar we went to our hotelroom. We had to leave at 12 the next morning and it was 6 when we went to sleep. So finally we had 3 hours of sleep that night and we packed our stuff. We went back home, tired and still to much alcohol in our blood haha.

Mondayafternoon we were at home, on time and we drove the right way at once *still proud*. Mondayevening it had to happen. John had to win with a huge difference to go through to the second round. But that didn't happen. John boy had to throw 10. He went for 2 double 4 (:-S) Ted won and John was out of the tournament...

Wednesday Chrissie got a call from SBS6. She won tickets for fridayevening! She called Joyce (who totally freaked out) and we went back to to the hotel on friday. This time we went the right way *victorydance* and we were on time to put on our Hankeyoutfit. Because John was out of the tournament we wanted Ted to win. Again it was a great evening. People thought we were English, and back in the hotel we went to the bar again hahaha. John was in a corny mood. First he was chasing Michael van Gerwen, and after that he was hungry so he ordered Fish and Chips. He couldn't eat a lot of it because everybody, including us, was stealing his food (sorry John) hahaha. But as we know John, he didn't mind. He was laughing about it, but he always laughs! When the bar closed we went downstairs and sat with Mareno, Niels and Michael. Because we couldn't get drinks anymore we got our own from the hotelroom. So again we didn't have a lot of sleep and went back home tired and to much alcohol in our blood again. It's still a miracle how those dartplayers do that hahaha.

It was a great week and too bad that it's over now. Next big tournament is the Bavaria WDT. Let's hope John will do a much better job there and that we will have as much fun as we had at the Topic IDL.

XXX Chrissie and Joyce
still tired ;-)