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When and where?

  • 5 November 2011 from 4pm till around midnight
  • The wedding party will take place at the Allee Bleue wine estate between Stellenbosch & Franschoek, South Africa (40 minutes drive from Cape Town international airport)
  • Besides the wedding party there will be no ceremony

We suggest guests to stay in Stellenbosch for the weekend, from where a shuttle service to the wedding venue will be organized (see below)









Cape Town international airport is definitely the entrance point to the area of the wedding. Alternatively you could fly into South Africa in Johannesburg, but add on EUR 100-200 for a flight between Johannesburg and Cape town. A trip overland between these two cities is not recommended (16 to 18 hours of driving)


Best fare for a Brussels – Cape town flight at any point in time should lie around EUR 600 - 900. Here are a few of the recent interesting deals:

·         28/10 – 10/11 Brussels -> Johannesburg EUR 515 return on http://www.ethiopianairlines.com

·         29/10 – 12/11 Brussels -> Cape Town EUR 841 return with KLM on http://www.connections.be

·         29/10 – 12/11 Amsterdam -> Johannesburg EUR 818 return on http://www.emirates.com


Fares are increasing fast, better don’t wait to long (however, we did see prices drop in the past too, but no guarantee this will be the case this year again). Keep us updated on the deals you come across and we will then publish them here.






Accommodation & Shuttle

Accommodation in Stellenbosch (20 minutes drive to the venue):
We recommend to all guests to stay in Stellenbosch, which is a very charming, convenient and safe place to stay for a few days. A shuttle service will be organized between Stellenbosch and the wedding venue (see lower sections)

We have agreed good rates with the “Stellenbosch Hotel Group”, offering the following:

·         Coopmanshuijs: luxurious 5 star boutique hotel in the town center with swimming pool and spa. Rates are:

·         Single: ZAR 1196 per person per night including breakfast

·         Sharing: ZAR 796 per person per night including breakfast

·          The Stellenbosch Hotel: old but charming classic 3 star hotel in the town center. No swimming pool. Rates are:

·         Single: ZAR 596 per person per night including breakfast

·         Sharing: ZAR 396 per person per night including breakfast

·         The Stellenbosch Hotel apartments: convenient self catering apartments with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchenette and lounge/living in the town center. No swimming pool. Rate is

·         ZAR 1500 per apartment per night, excluding breakfast

·         Rivierbos guest house: cozy backpacker hotel with tiny swimming pool, 5 minutes walk out of town center. Rates are

·         Single: ZAR 476 per person per night including breakfast

·         Sharing: ZAR 316 per person per night including breakfast

·         Sharing: ZAR 260 per person per night excluding breakfast

One ZAR (South African Rand) is about 10 eurocents. Check http://www.oanda.com/currency/converter/ for up-to-date exchange rates.

Links to the hotel websites can be found on http://www.ma-afrikahotels.co.za/

For bookings, contact Fabienne Westenbrink at fabienne@ma-afrika.co.za or +27 (0)21 887-3644


Accommodation near the venue (5 – 10 minutes drive to the venue):
Alternatively you can stay in one of the other wine estates near Allée Bleue. We have not visited them, but here are a few links:





No shuttle service is foreseen for these places.


Accommodation at the wedding venue:

A very limited number of rooms on the actual wedding venue are available. For practical reasons, we suggest families with babies to occupy these. (let us know if you’re interested; we will help you book on a first-come-first-serve basis)


Transportation between hotels and wedding venue
A shuttle bus (20 minutes) will run at the start end the end of the event between the Coopmanshuijs and Stellenbosch hotels and the venue 

























































Trip suggestions

South Africa is a stunning country for traveling. Best way is to rent a car (we paid around 250 EUR for 2 weeks) and stay in a 500km radius around Cape Town to explore the mountains, beaches, wine farms and the cute coastal towns of the Western Cape. If you want to go for a safari tour (elephants, lions etc), you should fly out to Johannesburg (plus a 5 hour drive) to spend a few days at Kruger National Park.

In South Africa, hotels are not extremely cheap (around EUR 50-60 per room for bed and breakfast), but fuel and food are (half of European prices)


Here is a suggested tour for a typical two week stay in the Cape Town area (click the pin points for more information):


View Suggested Trips for Keri & Jeroen's wedding in a larger map


! Malaria alert

Anyone going to or Botswana, Zimbabwe, Kruger Park or any of the Parks in the North of S.A need to take malaria tablets – see following links:










Gift Suggestion


Gift are not required. Yet if you do prefer to bring one, here are some suggestions:

·         Gift register: https://www.johnlewisgiftlist.com, click ‘buy a gift’ and enter gift list number 463794

·         KBC bank Belgium - IBAN:  BE04734028180731, BIC:  KREDBEBB

·         First National Bank, South Africa, account number:  53600135008, Branch code: 254605






More information

Feel free to email us with any question or suggestion.





                                    King Protea - the National Flower of South Africa