Welcome to my passport

Welcome to my html site, my name is Ivaylo Dragnevski and I am a student in Inholland university of applied science. I came to the Netherlands in september 2014 and last year I did a similar study in another university, but I came to the realisation that I did not like this study, and here I am, at the right place for me. The program in which I am enrolled for this year is called international business innovation studies(IBIS). This is a bachelor 4 year full time program, the first of it's kind in the Netherlands. Here it is all about innovation, afterl all everywhere in the world innovation is the key to success. Today's world of business is very fast and thrilling so in order to survive you have to be very flexible, agile and adapt quickly to new unforeseen situations or even see them before happening.

I think coming to Netherlands and in general studying abroad was one of the best decision I have ever made. From my last year spent in the Netherlands I have grown so much not only with my knowledge but as a person as well. I have gained so many new and different experiences since coming in the Netherlands, the diversity of people here is unbelieve. Especially when living in amsterdam, because this city is a home of 176 different nationalities. Amsterdam is also very fast and innovative city,which is a great benefit for my study.

Since now I have really enjoyed my experience in InHolland. The first week was very interactive and full of different activities. The thing I liked the most were the guest lecturers we had every day. Every one of them was completely different and had an amazingly interesting story to tell us. After this fun kick off week was over the hard work began and here are we now.