'Yesterday', 'Time today' => 'Today', // Time Definition 'Time Definition Never' => 'Never', 'Time Definition Year' => 'year', 'Time Definition Month' => 'month', 'Time Definition Week' => 'week', 'Time Definition Day' => 'day', 'Time Definition Hour' => 'hour', 'Time Definition Minute' => 'minute', 'Time Definition Second' => 'second', 'Time Definition Years' => 'years', 'Time Definition Months' => 'months', 'Time Definition Weeks' => 'weeks', 'Time Definition Days' => 'days', 'Time Definition Hours' => 'hours', 'Time Definition Minutes' => 'minutes', 'Time Definition Seconds' => 'seconds', // Indicators 'Indicator1' => 'Just Added', 'Indicator2' => 'New Last 3 Days', 'Indicator3' => 'New This Week', 'Indicator4' => 'Over 1 Week Old', // Authorization names 'Authorization 0' => 'Guest', 'Authorization 1' => 'User', 'Authorization 2' => 'Moderator', 'Authorization 3' => 'Administrator', 'Authorization 4' => 'Webmaster', // BBcode/Emoticons/Badword 'BBcode' => 'BBcode', 'Emoticons' => 'Emoticons', 'No Emoticons' => 'No Emoticons defined', 'Badwords' => 'Badwords', // Enabled/Disabled 'Enabled' => 'Enabled', 'Disabled' => 'Disabled', //============================================================================================================ // Bans //============================================================================================================ 'Bans name' => 'Attention!', 'Bans title' => 'Your Information:', 'Bans title2' => 'Webmaster\'s note:', 'Bans title3' => 'Actions available:', 'Bans desc' => 'IP:', 'Bans desc2' => 'User:', 'Bans desc3' => 'Date ban added:', 'Bans desc4' => 'Logout', //============================================================================================================ // Maintance //============================================================================================================ 'Maintance name' => 'Attention!', 'Maintance title' => 'Webmaster\'s note:', 'Maintance title2' => 'Login:', 'Maintance title3' => 'Actions:', 'Maintance desc' => 'Username:', 'Maintance desc2' => 'Password:', 'Maintance desc3' => 'Login', 'Maintance desc4' => 'This login is active to everybody, but only the webmaster can really "see" the site when he\'s logged in.', 'Maintance desc5' => 'The only thing you can do now is logout. You\'ll need to be the webmaster of this site in order to really "see" it.', 'Maintance desc6' => 'Logout', //============================================================================================================ // Index //============================================================================================================ // Charset 'Lang encoding' => 'content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"', // Name of Days and Months 'Name day' => 'Sunday', 'Name day2' => 'Monday', 'Name day3' => 'Tuesday', 'Name day4' => 'Wednesday', 'Name day5' => 'Thursday', 'Name day6' => 'Friday', 'Name day7' => 'Saturday', 'Name month' => 'January', 'Name month2' => 'February', 'Name month3' => 'March', 'Name month4' => 'April', 'Name month5' => 'May', 'Name month6' => 'June', 'Name month7' => 'July', 'Name month8' => 'August', 'Name month9' => 'September', 'Name month10' => 'October', 'Name month11' => 'November', 'Name month12' => 'December', // Message and Webmaster 'Header message' => 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'Register desc15' => 'No', // This is the radio No // terms & condition 'Register desc16' => 'I Don\'t Agree', 'Register desc17' => 'I Agree', //============================================================================================================ // Activate Account //============================================================================================================ 'Activate title' => 'Account activation', 'Activate desc' => 'Activation key:', 'Activate desc2' => 'Back', 'Activate desc3' => 'Submit', //============================================================================================================ // Forgotten Password //============================================================================================================ 'Forgotten title' => 'Forgot your password?', 'Forgotten desc' => 'Username:', 'Forgotten desc2' => 'Email:', 'Forgotten desc3' => 'Your New Password:', 'Forgotten desc4' => 'Back', 'Forgotten desc5' => 'Submit', 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Management', 'Admin site desc15' => 'Categories Management', 'Admin site desc16' => 'Subcategories Management', 'Admin site desc17' => 'Prune Management', 'Admin site desc18' => 'Rank Management', // Last 5 'Admin last title' => 'Last 5 online guests', 'Admin last title2' => 'Last 5 online members', 'Admin last desc' => 'Ip', 'Admin last desc2' => 'Browser', 'Admin last desc3' => 'Flag', 'Admin last desc4' => 'Username', 'Admin last desc5' => 'Authorization', // Log 'Admin log title' => 'Last 10 logged admin actions', 'Admin log desc' => 'Date', 'Admin log desc2' => 'Username', 'Admin log desc3' => 'Query', 'Admin log desc4' => 'No logs yet', //============================================================================================================ // HeadQuarters //============================================================================================================ // User Statistics 'HQ user title' => 'User Statistics', 'HQ user desc' => 'Username:', 'HQ user desc2' => 'Authorization:', 'HQ user desc3' => 'Private Messages:', 'HQ user desc4' => 'Forum Posts:', 'HQ user desc5' => 'Last Visit:', 'HQ user desc6' => 'new', // This is part of PM, eg: 0 'new' 'HQ user desc7' => 'ago', // This is part of last visit, eg: 30 seconds 'ago' // Site Statistics 'HQ site title' => 'Site Statistics', 'HQ site desc' => 'Total Forum Topics:', 'HQ site desc2' => 'Total Forum Posts:', 'HQ site desc3' => 'Total Bans:', 'HQ site desc4' => 'Total People Online Now:', 'HQ site desc5' => 'Total Site Views:', 'HQ site desc6' => 'Total Unique Site Views:', 'HQ site desc7' => 'Daily average hits:', 'HQ site desc8' => 'Weekly average hits:', 'HQ site desc9' => 'Monthly average hits:', 'HQ site desc10' => 'Not calculable yet', 'HQ site desc11' => 'Most Ever People Online:', // Server Statistics 'HQ server title' => 'Server Statistics', 'HQ server desc' => 'UNIX load averages:', 'HQ server desc2' => 'Operating system:', 'HQ server desc3' => 'PHP Version:', 'HQ server desc4' => 'PHP Accelerator:', 'HQ server desc5' => 'MySQL Version:', 'HQ server desc6' => 'Total MySQL Rows:', 'HQ server desc7' => 'Total MySQL Size:', 'HQ server desc8' => 'Not available', // Update Status 'HQ update title' => 'Update Status', 'HQ update desc' => 'Latest Version', 'HQ update desc2' => 'Your Version', 'HQ update desc3' => 'New version available, please update', 'HQ update desc4' => 'Where the hell did you get this version ?', 'HQ update desc5' => 'You have the last version', 'HQ update desc6' => 'Unable to check since allow_url_fopen is disabled', 'HQ update desc7' => 'Cannot look for update', //============================================================================================================ // Profile //============================================================================================================ // Profile Buttons 'Profile save' => 'Save Changes', 'Profile upload' => 'Upload', // Profile View 'Profile view title' => 'Your Profile', 'Profile view 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'Profile view desc22' => 'No', // This is the radio No 'Profile view desc23' => 'Extensions:', // Profile Avatar 'Profile avatar title' => 'Avatar', 'Profile avatar title2' => 'Rules', 'Profile avatar title3' => 'Options', 'Profile avatar desc' => 'No Avatar', 'Profile avatar desc2' => 'Delete Avatar', 'Profile avatar desc3' => 'Change Avatar', //============================================================================================================ // Ban //============================================================================================================ // Ban names 'Ban add title' => 'Add Bans', 'Ban add title2' => 'Add Ip to ban list', // Ban Ip Add 'Ban add desc' => 'IP Address:', 'Ban add desc2' => 'Ban this IP', // View Bans 'Ban view title' => 'Ban List', 'Ban view desc' => 'Ip Blocked', 'Ban view desc2' => 'User Banned', 'Ban view desc3' => 'Date', 'Ban view desc4' => 'Added by', 'Ban view desc5' => 'Get more information about this ip', 'Ban view desc6' => 'Unblock', 'Ban view desc7' => 'Unban', 'Ban view desc8' => 'No blocked ip\'s or banned users', // Ban Nav 'Ban nav' => 'Showing', 'Ban nav2' => 'bans from a total of', 'Ban next' => 'Next', 'Ban previous' => 'Previous', //============================================================================================================ // Users //============================================================================================================ // Users Title View 'Users view title' => 'Flag', 'Users view title2' => 'Username', 'Users view title3' => 'Status', 'Users view title4' => 'Email', 'Users view title5' => 'Authorization', 'Users view title6' => 'Member List', // Users View 'Users view desc' => 'Ready', 'Users view desc2' => 'Activate', 'Users view desc3' => 'Banned', 'Users view desc4' => 'Hidden', 'Users view desc5' => 'Delete', 'Users view desc6' => 'Ban', 'Users view desc7' => 'Unban', 'Users view desc8' => 'Delete Disabled', 'Users view desc9' => 'Ban Disabled', // Users Profile Titles 'Users profile title' => 'Avatar', 'Users profile title2' => 'Information', 'Users profile title3' => 'Extra', 'Users profile title4' => 'Edit User', // Users Profile View 'Users profile name' => 'Profile', 'Users profile desc' => 'Username:', 'Users profile desc2' => 'Access Level:', 'Users profile desc3' => 'Email:', 'Users profile desc4' => 'Http://', 'Users profile desc5' => 'Age:', 'Users profile desc6' => 'Location:', 'Users profile desc7' => 'Registered:', 'Users profile desc8' => 'Last Visit:', 'Users profile desc9' => 'Forum Posts:', 'Users profile desc10' => 'Status:', 'Users profile desc11' => 'MSN:', 'Users profile desc12' => 'Yahoo:', 'Users profile desc13' => 'ICQ:', 'Users profile desc14' => 'Aim:', 'Users profile desc15' => 'Skype:', 'Users profile desc16' => 'PM:', 'Users profile desc17' => 'Send PM', 'Users profile desc18' => 'Hidden', 'Users profile desc19' => 'Signature', 'Users profile desc20' => 'About Me', // Users Edit View 'Users edit desc' => 'Modify Access Level:', 'Users edit desc2' => 'Modify Status:', 'Users edit desc3' => 'New Password:', 'Users edit desc4' => 'Actions:', 'Users edit desc5' => 'Save Changes', // Users Nav 'Users nav' => 'Showing', 'Users nav2' => 'users from a total of', 'Users next' => 'Next', 'Users previous' => 'Previous', //============================================================================================================ // Online Module //============================================================================================================ // Online Titles 'Guests online titles' => 'Online Guests', 'Guests online titles2' => 'Online Members', 'Guests online titles3' => 'Logged Guests', 'Guests online titles4' => 'Logged Members', // Guests Online+Log 'Guests online title' => 'Ip', 'Guests online title2' => 'Browser Type', 'Guests online title3' => 'Http Referrer', 'Guests online title4' => 'Lang', 'Guests online desc' => 'Get more information about this ip', 'Guests online desc2' => 'No Guests Online', 'Guests online desc3' => 'No Guests Logged', // Members Online+Log 'Members online title' => 'Flag', 'Members online title2' => 'Username', 'Members online title3' => 'Email', 'Members online title4' => 'Authorization', 'Members online desc' => 'No Members Online', 'Members online desc2' => 'No Members Logged', // Online Nav 'Online nav' => 'Showing', 'Online nav2' => 'logs from a total of', 'Online next' => 'Next', 'Online previous' => 'Previous', //============================================================================================================ // Events Module //============================================================================================================ // Events View 'Events view title' => 'Events', 'Events view title2' => 'Period', 'Events view title3' => 'Event', 'Events view title4' => 'Add new Event', 'Events view desc' => 'No events', 'Events view desc2' => 'All day', 'Events view desc3' => 'Happy Birthday to', // e.g.: 'Happy Birthday to' {nick} who turns/will turn {age} today!/on {date} 'Events view desc4' => 'who turns', // e.g.: Happy Birthday to {nick} 'who turns'/will turn {age} today!/on {date} 'Events view desc5' => 'today!', // e.g.: Happy Birthday to {nick} who turns/will turn {age} 'today!'/on {date} 'Events view desc6' => 'will turn', // e.g.: Happy Birthday to {nick} who turns/'will turn' {age} today!/on {date} 'Events view desc7' => 'on', // e.g.: Happy Birthday to {nick} who turns/will turn {age} today!/'on' {date} 'Events view desc8' => 'Edit', 'Events view desc9' => 'Delete', 'Events view desc10' => 'Edit Disabled', 'Events view desc11' => 'Delete Disabled', // Add/Edit Events 'Events add/edit title' => 'Add Event', 'Events add/edit title2' => 'Edit Event', 'Events add/edit desc' => 'Event Date:', 'Events add/edit desc2' => 'Day:', 'Events add/edit desc3' => 'Month:', 'Events add/edit desc4' => 'Year:', 'Events add/edit desc5' => 'Event Start/End:', 'Events add/edit desc6' => 'Time:', 'Events add/edit desc7' => 'Leave blank for all day event', 'Events add/edit desc8' => 'Event Message:', 'Events add/edit desc9' => 'Back', 'Events add/edit desc10' => 'Add Event', 'Events add/edit desc11' => 'Edit Event', //============================================================================================================ // Misc Module //============================================================================================================ // Loged Admin Actions 'Loged Admin title' => 'Logged Admin Actions', 'Loged Admin title2' => 'Date', 'Loged Admin title3' => 'User', 'Loged Admin title4' => 'Query', 'Loged Admin desc' => 'No Admin Actions Logged', // Loged Admin Actions Nav 'Loged Admin nav' => 'Showing', 'Loged Admin nav2' => 'logs from a total of', 'Loged Admin next' => 'Next', 'Loged Admin previous' => 'Previous', //============================================================================================================ // Private Message Module //============================================================================================================ // PM Options 'PM Options name' => 'Options', 'PM Options title' => 'Navigation', 'PM Options title2' => 'Statistics', 'PM Options desc' => 'Inbox', 'PM Options desc2' => 'Sentbox', 'PM Options desc3' => 'Compose PM', 'PM Options desc4' => 'Your Inbox is', 'PM Options desc5' => 'Your Sentbox is', 'PM Options desc6' => 'full', // Status of inbox or sentbox 'full' // Inbox 'PM Inbox name' => 'Inbox', 'PM Inbox title' => 'Subject', 'PM Inbox title2' => 'Date', 'PM Inbox title3' => 'From', 'PM Inbox desc' => 'Delete Message from Inbox', 'PM Inbox desc2' => 'No Received Messages', // Sentbox 'PM Sentbox name' => 'Sentbox', 'PM Sentbox title' => 'Subject', 'PM Sentbox title2' => 'Date', 'PM Sentbox title3' => 'To', 'PM Sentbox desc' => 'Delete Message from Sentbox', 'PM Sentbox desc2' => 'No Sent Messages', // Private Message Flag 'PM Flag desc' => 'Unread Messages', 'PM Flag desc2' => 'Read Messages', 'PM Flag desc3' => 'User Didn\'t Read Messages', 'PM Flag desc4' => 'User Read Messages', // Private Message View 'PM View desc2' => 'Online', 'PM View desc3' => 'Offline', 'PM View desc4' => 'Message Sent:', 'PM View desc5' => 'Message Read:', 'PM View desc6' => 'Reading Now', 'PM View desc7' => 'Not Read', 'PM View desc8' => 'Reply', 'PM View desc9' => 'Quote', 'PM View desc10' => 'Delete Message', 'PM View desc11' => 'User Deleted', // Private Compose 'PM Compose name' => 'Compose New PM', 'PM Compose desc' => 'To:', 'PM Compose desc2' => 'Find Username', 'PM Compose desc3' => 'Subject:', 'PM Compose desc4' => 'Emoticons:', 'PM Compose desc5' => 'BBcode:', 'PM Compose desc6' => 'Message:', 'PM Compose desc7' => 'Action:', 'PM Compose desc8' => 'Send PM', // Private Message Nav 'PM Nav nav' => 'Showing', 'PM Nav nav2' => 'messages from a total of', 'PM Nav next' => 'Next', 'PM Nav previous' => 'Previous', //============================================================================================================ // System //============================================================================================================ // System Options title 'System main title' => 'Site Options', // General 'System general title' => 'General', 'System general desc' => 'Website Name:', 'System general desc2' => 'Webmaster\'s Name:', 'System general desc3' => 'Webmaster\'s Email:', 'System general desc4' => 'Template:', 'System general desc5' => 'Language:', // Parse Text 'System parse title' => 'Parse Text', 'System parse desc' => 'Global BBcode:', 'System parse desc2' => 'Global Emoticons:', 'System parse desc3' => 'Global Badwords Protection:', 'System parse desc4' => 'Badwords Protection Mode:', 'System parse desc5' => '***** as word replacement', 'System parse desc6' => 'word replacement as word replacement', // Register/Profile 'System register title' => 'Register/Profile', 'System register desc' => 'Avatar Size:', 'System register desc2' => 'Verify Registration:', 'System register desc3' => 'Terms Toggle:', 'System register desc4' => 'Terms Text:', // PM System 'System pm title' => 'PM System', 'System pm desc' => 'Inbox Message Limit:', 'System pm desc2' => 'Sentbox Message Limit:', // Forum 'System forum title' => 'Forum', 'System forum desc' => 'Forum Name:', 'System forum desc2' => 'Minimum posts for HOT topic:', 'System forum desc3' => 'Guests can see forum:', 'System forum desc4' => 'Guests can post topics:', 'System forum desc5' => 'Guests can post replies:', // Items per Page 'System items title' => 'Items per Page', 'System items desc' => 'News Navigation:', 'System items desc2' => 'Logs Navigation:', 'System items desc3' => 'Users Navigation:', 'System items desc4' => 'Bans Navigation:', 'System items desc5' => 'PM Navigation:', 'System items desc6' => 'Topics Navigation:', 'System items desc7' => 'Replies Navigation:', // Maintenace/Ban 'System maintenace title' => 'Maintenance/Ban', 'System maintenace desc' => 'Maintenance Toggle:', 'System maintenace desc2' => 'Maintenance Message:', 'System maintenace desc3' => 'Ban Message:', // Action 'System action title' => 'Action', 'System action desc' => 'Back', 'System action desc2' => 'Submit', //============================================================================================================ // Bad Words //============================================================================================================ // Badwords Add 'Bad words add title' => 'Add Bad Word', 'Bad words add desc' => 'Word', 'Bad words add desc2' => 'Replacement', 'Bad words add desc3' => 'Action', 'Bad words add desc4' => 'Add badword', // Badwords Form 'Bad words form title' => 'Bad Words', 'Bad words form desc' => 'Word', 'Bad words form desc2' => 'Replacement', 'Bad words form desc3' => 'Delete BadWord', 'Bad words form desc4' => 'Action:', 'Bad words form desc5' => 'Save badwords', 'Bad words form desc6' => 'No badwords', //============================================================================================================ // Blocks //============================================================================================================ // Blocks Add 'Blocks add title' => 'Blocks', 'Blocks add desc' => 'Blocks Available', 'Blocks add desc2' => 'Action', 'Blocks add desc3' => 'Install Block', 'Blocks add desc4' => 'All available blocks are installed', // Blocks View 'Blocks view title' => 'Installed Blocks', 'Blocks view desc' => 'Dir/Name', 'Blocks view desc2' => 'Uninstall Block', 'Blocks view desc3' => 'No blocks Installed', //============================================================================================================ // Layout //============================================================================================================ // Layout Add 'Layout add title' => 'Blocks', 'Layout add desc' => 'Blocks Installed', 'Layout add desc2' => 'Position', 'Layout add desc3' => 'Left', 'Layout add desc4' => 'Right', 'Layout add desc5' => 'Action', 'Layout add desc6' => 'Add Block', 'Layout add desc7' => 'All installed blocks are used', // Layout View Left 'Layout view left title' => 'Left', 'Layout view left desc' => 'Order', 'Layout view left desc2' => 'Name', 'Layout view left desc3' => 'Remove Block', 'Layout view left desc4' => 'No blocks installed on left position', // Layout View Right 'Layout view right title' => 'Right', 'Layout view right desc' => 'Order', 'Layout view right desc2' => 'Name', 'Layout view right desc3' => 'Remove Block', 'Layout view right desc4' => 'No blocks installed on right position', // Layout View Overall 'Layout view overall desc' => 'Action:', 'Layout view overall desc2' => 'Save Block order', //============================================================================================================ // Emoticons //============================================================================================================ // Emoticons Upload 'Emoticons upload title' => 'Upload Emoticons', 'Emoticons upload desc' => 'Browse', 'Emoticons upload desc2' => 'Action', 'Emoticons upload desc3' => 'Upload', // Emoticons Add 'Emoticons add title' => 'Add Emoticons', 'Emoticons add desc' => 'Code', 'Emoticons add desc2' => 'Image name', 'Emoticons add desc3' => '#', 'Emoticons add desc4' => 'Action', 'Emoticons add desc5' => 'Add emoticon', // Emoticons Form 'Emoticons form title' => 'Emoticons', 'Emoticons form desc' => '#', 'Emoticons form desc2' => 'Code', 'Emoticons form desc3' => 'Image name', 'Emoticons form desc4' => 'Delete Emoticon', 'Emoticons form desc5' => 'Action:', 'Emoticons form desc6' => 'Save emoticons', 'Emoticons form desc7' => 'No emoticons', //============================================================================================================ // Mass-Email //============================================================================================================ // Mass-Email Form 'Mass-Email form title' => 'Mass-Email', 'Mass-Email form desc' => 'Subject:', 'Mass-Email form desc2' => 'Message:', 'Mass-Email form desc3' => 'Actions:', 'Mass-Email form desc4' => 'Send Mail', // Mass-Email result 'Mass-Email result title' => 'Mass-Email Sent To:', 'Mass-Email layout desc' => 'Message', //============================================================================================================ // Menu Navigation //============================================================================================================ // Menu Add 'Menu add title' => 'Add New Link', 'Menu add desc' => 'Name', 'Menu add desc2' => 'Link', 'Menu add desc3' => 'New', 'Menu add desc4' => 'Action', 'Menu add desc5' => 'Add Link', // Menu Form 'Menu form title' => 'Links', 'Menu form desc' => 'Order', 'Menu form desc2' => 'Name', 'Menu form desc3' => 'Link', 'Menu form desc4' => 'New', 'Menu form desc5' => 'Delete Item', 'Menu form desc6' => 'Action:', 'Menu form desc7' => 'Save Menu', 'Menu form desc8' => 'No Links', //============================================================================================================ // Poll //============================================================================================================ // Poll View 'Poll view title' => 'Last 10 Polls', 'Poll view desc' => '#', 'Poll view desc2' => 'Question', 'Poll view desc3' => 'Status', 'Poll view desc4' => 'Active', 'Poll view desc5' => 'In Archive', 'Poll view desc6' => 'Edit Poll', 'Poll view desc7' => 'Delete Poll', 'Poll view desc8' => 'No Polls in database', 'Poll view desc9' => 'Poll Management', 'Poll view desc10' => 'Back to Poll Management', // Poll Add 'Poll add title' => 'Add New Poll', 'Poll add desc' => 'Question', 'Poll add desc2' => '#', 'Poll add desc3' => 'Options', 'Poll add desc4' => 'Votes', 'Poll add desc5' => 'Action:', 'Poll add desc6' => 'Add Poll', // Poll Edit 'Poll edit title' => 'Edit Poll', 'Poll edit desc' => 'Question', 'Poll edit desc2' => '#', 'Poll edit desc3' => 'Options', 'Poll edit desc4' => 'Votes', 'Poll edit desc5' => 'Action:', 'Poll edit desc6' => 'Save Poll', 'Poll edit desc7' => 'Poll Management', 'Poll edit desc8' => 'Back to Poll Management', // Poll View2 'Poll view2 title' => 'View all Polls + Results', 'Poll view2 desc' => 'Poll #', 'Poll view2 desc2' => 'Status', 'Poll view2 desc3' => 'Active', 'Poll view2 desc4' => 'In Archive', 'Poll view2 desc5' => 'Question:', 'Poll view2 desc6' => 'Total Votes:', 'Poll view2 desc7' => 'Created On:', //============================================================================================================ // Forum //============================================================================================================ // Forum view forum 'Forum view forum desc' => 'Forums', 'Forum view forum desc2' => 'Topics', 'Forum view forum desc3' => 'Posts', 'Forum view forum desc4' => 'Last Post', 'Forum view forum desc5' => 'Date', 'Forum view forum desc6' => 'By:', 'Forum view forum desc7' => 'Redirected Hits:', // Forum view topics 'Forum view topics desc' => 'Topics', 'Forum view topics desc2' => 'Replies', 'Forum view topics desc3' => 'Author', 'Forum view topics desc4' => 'Views', 'Forum view topics desc5' => 'Last Post', 'Forum view topics desc6' => 'Date', 'Forum view topics desc7' => 'By:', 'Forum view topics desc8' => 'Redirected Hits:', 'Forum view topics desc9' => 'No Topics in this thread.', 'Forum view topics desc10' => 'New Topic', 'Forum view topics desc11' => 'page', 'Forum view topics desc12' => 'pages', // Forum view Replies 'Forum view replies desc' => 'Joined:', 'Forum view replies desc1' => 'From:', 'Forum view replies desc2' => 'Posts:', 'Forum view replies desc3' => 'Ip:', 'Forum view replies desc4' => 'Get more information about this ip', 'Forum view replies desc5' => 'Guest', 'Forum view replies desc6' => 'Date', 'Forum view replies desc7' => '--------------------', 'Forum view replies desc8' => 'Online', 'Forum view replies desc9' => 'Offline', 'Forum view replies desc10' => 'Profile', 'Forum view replies desc11' => 'Private Message', 'Forum view replies desc12' => 'Email', 'Forum view replies desc13' => 'Website', 'Forum view replies desc14' => 'MSN', 'Forum view replies desc15' => 'Yahoo', 'Forum view replies desc16' => 'ICQ', 'Forum view replies desc17' => 'AIM', 'Forum view replies desc18' => 'Skype', 'Forum view replies desc19' => 'Quote', 'Forum view replies desc20' => 'Edit', 'Forum view replies desc21' => 'Delete Topic', 'Forum view replies desc22' => 'Delete Reply', 'Forum view replies desc23' => 'Moderate', 'Forum view replies desc24' => 'Add Reply', 'Forum view replies desc25' => 'New Topic', 'Forum view replies desc26' => 'page', 'Forum view replies desc27' => 'pages', // Forum add Topic 'Forum add topic desc' => 'Post new topic', 'Forum add topic desc2' => 'Username:', 'Forum add topic desc3' => 'Email:', 'Forum add topic desc4' => 'Topic Name:', 'Forum add topic desc5' => 'Post As:', 'Forum add topic desc6' => 'Normal Post', 'Forum add topic desc7' => 'Announcement Post', 'Forum add topic desc8' => 'Sticky Post', 'Forum add topic desc9' => 'Emoticons:', 'Forum add topic desc10' => 'BBcode:', 'Forum add topic desc11' => 'Message:', 'Forum add topic desc12' => 'Action:', 'Forum add topic desc13' => 'Post New Topic', // Forum Add Reply 'Forum add reply desc' => 'Add reply', 'Forum add reply desc2' => 'Username:', 'Forum add reply desc3' => 'Email:', 'Forum add reply desc4' => 'Emoticons:', 'Forum add reply desc5' => 'BBcode:', 'Forum add reply desc6' => 'Message:', 'Forum add reply desc7' => 'Action:', 'Forum add reply desc8' => 'Add Reply', 'Forum add reply desc9' => 'Last 10 Posts (In reverse order)', 'Forum add reply desc10' => 'Date', // Moderate Topics 'Forum mod topic desc' => 'Open/Lock', 'Forum mod topic desc2' => 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edit desc3' => 'Edit subcat', 'Forum view edit desc4' => 'Name:', 'Forum view edit desc5' => 'Category:', 'Forum view edit desc6' => 'Type:', 'Forum view edit desc7' => 'News', 'Forum view edit desc8' => 'Admin', 'Forum view edit desc9' => 'Locked', 'Forum view edit desc10' => 'Redirected', 'Forum view edit desc11' => 'Open', 'Forum view edit desc12' => 'Redirect Location:', 'Forum view edit desc13' => 'Description:', 'Forum view edit desc14' => 'Action:', 'Forum view edit desc15' => 'Edit subcat', // Forum view subcat admin 'Forum view subcat desc' => 'Order', 'Forum view subcat desc2' => 'Name', 'Forum view subcat desc3' => 'No Subcategories Defined.', 'Forum view subcat desc4' => 'No Categories Defined.', 'Forum view subcat desc5' => 'Add New Subcategory', 'Forum view subcat desc6' => 'Name', 'Forum view subcat desc7' => 'Category', 'Forum view subcat desc8' => 'Action', 'Forum view subcat desc9' => 'Add Subcategory', 'Forum view subcat desc10' => 'Action:', 'Forum view subcat desc11' => 'Save Subcats Order', 'Forum view subcat desc13' => 'Edit Subcategory', 'Forum view subcat desc14' => 'Delete Subcategory', // Forum view prune admin 'Forum view prune desc' => 'Prune', 'Forum view prune desc2' => 'Prune is a tool that helps you delete topics that are over xx days.', 'Forum view prune desc3' => 'Use this feature with caution. Pruned posts can never be recovered. For best performance you should put the site in maintenance mode during pruning.', 'Forum view prune desc4' => 'Days:', 'Forum view prune desc5' => 'Subcategories:', 'Forum view prune desc6' => 'All', 'Forum view prune desc7' => 'Action:', 'Forum view prune desc8' => 'Prune', //Forum view rank admin 'Forum view rank desc' => 'No Ranks specified', 'Forum view rank desc2' => 'Add Rank', 'Forum view rank desc3' => 'Name', 'Forum view rank desc4' => 'Minimum Posts', 'Forum view rank desc5' => 'Action', 'Forum view rank desc6' => 'Ranks', 'Forum view rank desc7' => 'Name', 'Forum view rank desc8' => 'Minimum Posts', 'Forum view rank desc9' => 'Action:', 'Forum view rank desc10' => 'Delete Rank', 'Forum view rank desc11' => 'Add Rank', 'Forum view rank desc12' => 'Save Ranks', //============================================================================================================ // News //============================================================================================================ // News view 'News view desc' => 'Date', 'News view desc2' => 'Comment', 'News view desc3' => 'Comments', 'News view desc4' => 'View', 'News view desc5' => 'Views', 'News view desc6' => 'There are no topics in News Thread, therefor there is no news.', 'News view desc7' => 'There is no News Thread.', // News Nav 'News Nav nav' => 'Showing', 'News Nav nav2' => 'articles from a total of', 'News Nav next' => 'Next', 'News Nav previous' => 'Previous', //============================================================================================================ // Search //============================================================================================================ //Search form view 'Search view desc' => 'Search Module:', 'Search view desc2' => 'String:', 'Search view desc3' => 'Help', 'Search view desc4' => 'Location:', 'Search view desc5' => 'Forum Topics', 'Search view desc6' => 'Forum Replies', 'Search view desc7' => 'Users', 'Search view desc8' => 'Search', // Search action 'Search action desc' => 'Search Results:', 'Search action desc2' => 'No topics found.', 'Search action desc3' => 'No users found.', //============================================================================================================ // FAQ's //============================================================================================================ 'FAQ bbcode desc' => 'BBcode Guide', 'FAQ bbcode desc2' => 'Introduction', 'FAQ bbcode desc3' => 'BBCode is a special implementation of HTML. Whether you can actually use BBCode in your posts is determined by the administrator. In addition, you can disable BBCode Global via the Site Management. BBCode itself is similar in style to HTML: tags are enclosed in square braces [ and ] rather than < and > and it offers greater control over what and how something is displayed. Depending on the template you are using you may find adding BBCode to your posts is made much easier through a clickable interface above the message area on the posting form. Even with this you may find the following guide useful.', 'FAQ bbcode desc4' => 'Text Formatting', 'FAQ bbcode desc5' => 'How to create bold, italic and underlined text
BBCode includes tags to allow you to quickly change the basic style of your text. This is achieved in the following ways: How to change the text font, size or color
To alter the font, size or color of your text the following tags can be used. Keep in mind that how the output appears will depend on the viewers browser and system: ', 'FAQ bbcode desc7' => 'Text Align', 'FAQ bbcode desc8' => 'How to create align the text
BBCode includes tags to allow you to quickly change the position of your text. This is achieved in the following ways: ', 'FAQ bbcode desc9' => 'Text Listing', 'FAQ bbcode desc10' => 'Creating an ordered list
BBCode supports listing. This is essentially the same as the HTML equivalent. An BBCode list outputs each item in your list sequentially one after the other indenting each with a bullet character. To create an this list you use [list][/list] and define each item within the list using [*]. For example, to list your favorite colors you could use:


This would generate the following list:', 'FAQ bbcode desc11' => 'Quote Text', 'FAQ bbcode desc12' => 'There are two ways you can quote text: with a reference or without.', 'FAQ bbcode desc13' => 'Code Parse', 'FAQ bbcode desc14' => 'If you want to output a piece of code or in fact anything that requires a fixed width with a Courier-type font, you should enclose the text in [code][/code] tags, eg.

[code]echo "This is some code";[/code]

All formatting used within [code][/code] tags is retained when you later view it.', 'FAQ bbcode desc15' => 'Showing images in posts', 'FAQ bbcode desc16' => 'BBCode incorporates a tag for including images in your posts. Two very important things to remember when using this tag are: many users do not appreciate lots of images being shown in posts and second, the image you display must already be available on the Internet (it cannot exist only on your computer, for example, unless you run a webserver!). To display an image, you must surround the URL pointing to the image with [image=URL] tags. For example:


As noted in the URL section above you can wrap an image in a [url][/url] tag if you wish, eg.


would generate:

', 'FAQ bbcode desc17' => 'Creating Links', 'FAQ bbcode desc18' => 'BBCode supports a number of ways of creating URIs, Uniform Resource Indicators better known as URLs.', 'FAQ bbcode desc20' => 'As with all the BBCode tags you can wrap URLs around any of the other tags such as [image=URL] (see previous entry), [b][/b], etc. As with the formatting tags it is up to you to ensure the correct open and close order is following. For example:

[url=http://www.jupiterportal.com/][b]this text is bold[/url][/b]

is not correct which may lead to your post being deleted so take care.', 'FAQ emoticons desc' => 'Emoticon Guide', 'FAQ emoticons desc2' => 'Introduction', 'FAQ emoticons desc3' => 'An emoticon, sometimes called a smiley or a gremlin, is a sequence of printable characters such as :), ^-^, or :-) or a small image that is intended to represent a human facial expression and convey an emotion. Emoticons are a form of paralanguage commonly used in email messages, in online bulletin boards, or in chat rooms.', 'FAQ emoticons desc4' => 'Available Emoticons', 'FAQ emoticons desc5' => 'You can use them just by adding the shortcut without the []', 'FAQ badwords desc' => 'Badwords Guide', 'FAQ badwords desc2' => 'Introduction', 'FAQ badwords desc3' => 'When one uses a badword it is automaticly censored. That means that, this script is compatible for kids too. But please refrain yourself from using badwords, and if spamming and abusing, your account will be deleted and your ip banned.', 'FAQ badwords desc4' => 'Available Badwords', 'FAQ badwords desc5' => 'Will not be displayed to public (there may be under aged people browsing this page).', 'FAQ search desc' => 'Search Guide', 'FAQ search desc2' => 'Introduction:', 'FAQ search desc3' => 'A search engine is a program designed to help find stored information. The search engine allows one to ask for content meeting specific criteria (typically those containing a given word or phrase) and retrieves a list of references that match those criteria. Search engines use regularly updated indexes to operate quickly and efficiently.', 'FAQ search desc4' => 'Search Strings Examples:', 'FAQ search desc5' => 'apple banana', 'FAQ search desc6' => 'Find rows that contain at least one of the two words.', 'FAQ search desc7' => '+apple +juice', 'FAQ search desc8' => 'Find rows that contain both words.', 'FAQ search desc9' => '+apple macintosh', 'FAQ search desc10' => 'Find rows that contain the word \'apple\', but rank rows higher if they also contain \'macintosh\'.', 'FAQ search desc11' => '+apple -macintosh', 'FAQ search desc12' => 'Find rows that contain the word \'apple\' but not \'macintosh\'.', 'FAQ search desc13' => '+apple +(>turnover <strudel)', 'FAQ search desc14' => 'Find rows that contain the words \'apple\' and \'turnover\', or \'apple\' and \'strudel\' (in any order), but rank \'apple turnover\' higher than \'apple strudel\'.', 'FAQ search desc15' => 'apple*', 'FAQ search desc16' => 'Find rows that contain words such as \'apple\', \'apples\', \'applesauce\', or \'applet\'.', 'FAQ search desc17' => '"some words"', 'FAQ search desc18' => 'Find rows that contain the exact phrase \'some words\' (for example, rows that contain \'some words of wisdom\' but not \'some noise words\'). Note that the \'"\' characters that surround the phrase are operator characters that delimit the phrase. They are not the quotes that surround the search string itself.', //============================================================================================================ // BBcode //============================================================================================================ 'BBcode desc' => 'Bold Font', 'BBcode desc2' => 'Italics font', 'BBcode desc3' => 'Underline', 'BBcode desc4' => 'Font face', 'BBcode desc5' => 'Font size', 'BBcode desc6' => 'Font color', 'BBcode desc7' => 'Font left alignment', 'BBcode desc8' => 'Font center alignment', 'BBcode desc9' => 'Font right alignment', 'BBcode desc10' => 'List', 'BBcode desc11' => 'Quote', 'BBcode desc12' => 'Code', 'BBcode desc13' => 'Image', 'BBcode desc14' => 'Hyperlink', 'BBcode desc15' => 'Email', //============================================================================================================ // Message Def //============================================================================================================ 'Message desc' => 'Wrong Username or Password', 'Message desc2' => 'Please login', 'Message desc3' => 'Welcome', 'Message desc4' => 'You have logged-out successfully', 'Message desc5' => 'Someone is currently using that account', 'Message desc6' => 'Your user was banned', 'Message desc7' => 'Username can not be blank', 'Message desc8' => 'Password can not be blank', 'Message desc9' => 'Sorry but user already exists in our database', 'Message desc10' => 'Sorry but email already exists in our database', 'Message desc11' => 'Your Passwords dosn\'t match', 'Message desc12' => 'Email can not be blank', 'Message desc13' => 'Invalid Email', 'Message desc14' => 'The activation key has been successfully sent', 'Message desc15' => 'You have registered, please login', 'Message desc16' => 'You are already registered', 'Message desc17' => 'Please activate your account first', 'Message desc18' => 'Invalid activation key', 'Message desc19' => 'Account activated, Login enabled', 'Message desc20' => 'The forgotten key has been successfully sent', 'Message desc21' => 'Wrong username or email', 'Message desc22' => 'Account\'s password updated successfully', 'Message desc23' => 'Invalid forgotten password key', 'Message desc24' => 'Avatar uploaded successfully', 'Message desc25' => 'Avatar deleted successfully', 'Message desc26' => 'Your Profile has been updated successfully', 'Message desc27' => 'File is too large', 'Message desc28' => 'Error in uploading file', 'Message desc29' => 'No file to upload', 'Message desc30' => 'Bad file type to upload', 'Message desc31' => 'Width is too big', 'Message desc32' => 'Height is too big', 'Message desc33' => 'File Size is too big', 'Message desc34' => 'Unknown error', 'Message desc35' => 'You have updated the user successfully', 'Message desc36' => 'You have deleted the user successfully', 'Message desc37' => 'You have banned the user successfully', 'Message desc38' => 'You have unbanned the user successfully', 'Message desc39' => 'Ip box is empty', 'Message desc40' => 'That ip is already blocked', 'Message desc41' => 'Ip successfully added to ban list', 'Message desc42' => 'Ip successfully deleted from ban list', 'Message desc43' => 'User successfully deleted from ban list', 'Message desc44' => 'Event added successfully', 'Message desc45' => 'Event updated successfully', 'Message desc46' => 'Event deleted successfully', 'Message desc47' => 'Your Sentbox is Full', 'Message desc48' => 'Receiver\'s Inbox is Full', 'Message desc49' => 'Receiver\'s username can not be blank', 'Message desc50' => 'Subject can not be blank', 'Message desc51' => 'Message can not be blank', 'Message desc52' => 'Sorry but user doesn\'t exist in our database', 'Message desc53' => 'Private Message was successfully sent', 'Message desc54' => 'Inbox Message Deleted', 'Message desc55' => 'Sentbox Message Deleted', 'Message desc56' => 'Site Options updated successfully', 'Message desc57' => 'Block installed successfully', 'Message desc58' => 'Block uninstalled successfully', 'Message desc59' => 'Block successfully added', 'Message desc60' => 'Block successfully deleted', 'Message desc61' => 'Block order successfully updated', 'Message desc62' => 'Please write something in the subject box', 'Message desc63' => 'Please write something in the message box', 'Message desc64' => 'Mass-Email sent successfully', 'Message desc65' => 'Mass-Email failed', 'Message desc66' => 'Emoticon uploaded successfully', 'Message desc67' => 'Emoticon added successfully', 'Message desc68' => 'Emoticon deleted successfully', 'Message desc69' => 'Emoticons updated successfully', 'Message desc70' => 'Please write something in code box', 'Message desc71' => 'Please write something in image box', 'Message desc72' => 'Badword added successfully', 'Message desc73' => 'Badword deleted successfully', 'Message desc74' => 'Badwords updated successfully', 'Message desc75' => 'Please write something in word box', 'Message desc76' => 'Please write something in replacement box', 'Message desc77' => 'Please select an option', 'Message desc78' => 'Thank you for voting', 'Message desc79' => 'Poll added successfully', 'Message desc80' => 'Poll updated successfully', 'Message desc81' => 'Poll deleted successfully', 'Message desc82' => 'Please write something in question box', 'Message desc83' => 'Please write something in option #1 box', 'Message desc84' => 'Please write something in option #2 box', 'Message desc85' => 'Link added successfully', 'Message desc86' => 'Link deleted successfully', 'Message desc87' => 'Links updated successfully', 'Message desc88' => 'Please write something in name box', 'Message desc89' => 'Please write something in link box', 'Message desc91' => 'Missing start tag for [/quote].', 'Message desc92' => 'Missing end tag for [code].', 'Message desc93' => 'Missing start tag for [/code].', 'Message desc94' => 'Missing one or more end tags for [quote].', 'Message desc95' => 'Missing one or more start tags for [/quote].', 'Message desc96' => 'Username can not be blank', 'Message desc97' => 'Email can not be blank', 'Message desc98' => 'Invalid Email', 'Message desc99' => 'Topic can not be blank', 'Message desc100' => 'Message can not be blank', 'Message desc101' => 'Topic added successfully', 'Message desc102' => 'Username can not be blank', 'Message desc103' => 'Email can not be blank', 'Message desc104' => 'Invalid Email', 'Message desc105' => 'Message can not be blank', 'Message desc106' => 'Reply added successfully', 'Message desc107' => 'Topic updated successfully', 'Message desc108' => 'Topic can not be blank', 'Message desc109' => 'Message can not be blank', 'Message desc110' => 'Reply updated successfully', 'Message desc111' => 'Reply deleted successfully', 'Message desc112' => 'Topic deleted successfully', 'Message desc113' => 'Name can not be blank', 'Message desc114' => 'Category added successfully', 'Message desc115' => 'Name can not be blank', 'Message desc116' => 'Category updated successfully', 'Message desc117' => 'Category deleted successfully', 'Message desc118' => 'Name can not be blank', 'Message desc119' => 'Subcategory added successfully', 'Message desc120' => 'Subcategory order updated successfully', 'Message desc121' => 'Name can not be blank', 'Message desc122' => 'Redirect location can not be blank', 'Message desc123' => 'Subcategory updated successfully', 'Message desc124' => 'Subcategory deleted successfully', 'Message desc125' => 'Days can not be blank', 'Message desc126' => 'Topics/Posts pruned successfully', 'Message desc127' => 'Name can not be blank', 'Message desc128' => 'Posts can not be blank', 'Message desc129' => 'Rank added successfully', 'Message desc130' => 'Rank deleted successfully', 'Message desc131' => 'Name can not be blank', 'Message desc132' => 'Posts can not be blank', 'Message desc133' => 'Ranks updated successfully', 'Message desc134' => 'String can not be blank', 'Message desc00' => 'No message', //============================================================================================================ // Errors //============================================================================================================ 'Error' => 'Error', 'Error page' => 'The page does not exist on our server !!

There are some reasons why this happened:
- You mistyped the url.
- The page never existed.
- The webmaster messed up the link.
- You\'re just guessing pages hoping to discover something new.

If your uncertain, please Contact Me.', 'Error acces' => 'You are not allowed on this page
If your not registered, make your free account now.', 'Error forum' => 'Guests are not allowed on the Forum
If your not registered, make your free account now.', 'Error shout' => 'Guests are not allowed to post shouts on the Shoutbox
If your not registered, make your free account now.', //============================================================================================================ // Admin Logs //============================================================================================================ 'Logs desc' => 'Delete from', 'Logs desc2' => 'Update in', 'Logs desc3' => 'Insert in', //============================================================================================================ // 1.1.5e Language Pack Additions Below // Edit to suite your needs or copy and paste into a non english // language pack and edit them to fit your desired language //============================================================================================================ //============================================================================================================ // Admin //============================================================================================================ 'Admin site desc19' => 'Mass Message', //============================================================================================================ // Ads Admin //============================================================================================================ 'Ads admin 1' => 'Ads Administration', 'Ads admin 2' => 'Info', 'Ads admin 3' => 'Modules', 'Ads admin 4' => 'Left Block', 'Ads admin 5' => 'Right Block', 'Ads admin 6' => 'Partners', 'Ads admin 7' => 'Center Ads', 'Ads admin 8' => 'You curently have', 'Ads admin 9' => 'ad(s) in this block', 'Ads admin 10' => 'Left Block Settings', 'Ads admin 11' => 'Block name:', 'Ads admin 12' => 'Add', 'Ads admin 13' => 'Add a new Ad', 'Ads admin 14' => 'Action', 'Ads admin 15' => 'Edit', 'Ads admin 16' => 'Name', 'Ads admin 17' => 'Link', 'Ads admin 18' => 'Banner', 'Ads admin 19' => 'Type', 'Ads admin 20' => 'Pic*', 'Ads admin 21' => '
* - In the Left and Right Blocks you can only put Banners with the following extensions:
(jpg, gif, bmp, png ...). Flash movies will not work (use gif insted).
', 'Ads admin 22' => 'Edit an Ad', 'Ads admin 23' => 'Ads List', 'Ads admin 24' => 'Id', 'Ads admin 25' => 'Edit Ad:', 'Ads admin 26' => 'Delete', 'Ads admin 27' => 'Delete Ads', 'Ads admin 28' => 'Ads', 'Ads admin 29' => 'Move Ad', 'Ads admin 30' => 'Move your Ad to a different module', 'Ads admin 31' => 'Move', 'Ads admin 32' => 'Place to move:', 'Ads admin 33' => 'Left', 'Ads admin 34' => 'Right', 'Ads admin 35' => 'Center', 'Ads admin 36' => 'Right Block Settings', 'Ads admin 37' => 'Pic', 'Ads admin 38' => 'Flash', 'Ads admin 39' => 'Center Ads Settings', 'Ads admin 40' => '"Your Ad here" text.', 'Ads admin 41' => 'Ads Management', 'Ads admin 42' => '', //============================================================================================================ // Menu Navigation //============================================================================================================ 'Menu add desc6' => 'Add Module Link to Nav Menu', ); // '.$language['something'].' ?>