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Banner [GunZ]GunZone Americas Army International Clan       Made by: [GunZ]StrYdeR[nl]


  SLIGHT INACTIVITY OF OUR CLAN:                                                                                                     17/09/2006  

Our clan has been pretty much dead for quite some time now:

Like I said in the heading, there hasn't been very much happening with our clan since before the summer holidays (or if you didn't have vacation, since before July). Two of the main reasons are that Robbert now has a job where he has to design websites for certain people/companies. This job takes up a lot of time, which is why it's been difficult to maintain this site. The other reason (this is where I come in) is that I've been gone for almost the whole holiday and after the holiday I had to play two tournaments (tennis) in a row.  

Anyway, let try forget all of that. We are now recruiting members again, and we thought that between 10 and 15 members would be perfect. I will post this on our forum, so that you can give your opinion too.

Grtz, Mike (-Stealthkiller-) 



Today is the Days of Days:

6th of June 1944. We’re in one of the planes on the way to Utah Beach. Everyone is nervous and terrified, including myself. We have no idea what we're up for. We are nearing the battle-field, and suddenly the plane next to us is shred apart by hundreds of bullets. We are no where near our drop zone but because our pilot is starting to panic (mainly because all the planes around us are being shot out of the air) he gives us a sign to jump. It's like hell, the deafening sound of gunshots, aircraft going down and mates being gruesomely mutilated. The jump that doesn't take longer than 2 minutes seems to be an endless nightmare. Finally I reach the ground. 
I lost most of my equipment during the fall and 
I'm many kilometres away from the drop zone. 
I hear footsteps behind, and to my surprise it's 
one of my mates, what a relief! We rush to a safe 
spot, under some trees. Behind us we hear 
gunshots, once again. We wait for them to reload, 
run past, and enter the woods, the beginning of a 
big adventure.

After the war, the GunZ-patrol received honor for 
completing the following missions:   

Pipeline, Mout McKenna, Bridge Crossing, 
Urban Assault and Dusk.

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Welcome to the GunZone homepage:

GunZone is a dutch clan, created by StrYdeR[NL] (Robbert) and =Stealthkiller= (Mike). GunZ is only recruiting members who can speak english or dutch properly.

On the 10th of March we launched our forum: , and now our homepage has also finally been launched!


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