So what is America's Army?America's Army (or AA for short) is a free first person shooter made by the Army. Yes, free. It is being funded by the Army for the next five years, so this is a huge project still in its infancy.America's Army: Operations is the multiplayer half of AA. The single player aspect would be Soldiers, which has yet to be released. In Operations, you are able to play with up to 32 of your friends (or strangers) in this realistic Army simulator. There are two teams, Assault and Defense (although the team names vary on some maps). No matter what team you select, you never play the role of the bad guy. Your team always looks like the U.S. Army, and your Opposing Forces (OpFor for short) always look like terrorists. Each team has an objective to complete, the team with all their objectives completed wins.Before playing online, though, you must complete training to get you familiar with AA's controls and weapons. Your first test is the M16A2 rifle range. 40 Red targets will pop up at different distances. You get 40 rounds of ammunition. You must hit 23 out of the 40 targets to continue on to the next training, and you must hit 36 if you want to qualify for sniper school. After the range, you go through the obstacle course. This will get you familiar with the controls. This is pretty easy, just listen to your Drill Instructor, and do what he tells you to do. In the third training level, you get to play around with the different weapons and grenades. These weapons include the M249 SAW, M203, and the frag and smoke grenades. There's no way to fail this level, just fire the rounds you get, and learn the weapons. The final stage is a single player MOUT training level. You have objectives to complete, just like in multiplayer. Do the objectives, and use your compass to find them. Easy. From here, you can go to sniper school, go to airborne school, or play online.The weapons and class selections are unique, and each team needs a certain amount of each class. For more information on the classes and weapons, check out our Classes and Weapons pages. All the weapons are actual Army weapons, and they all fire very realistically. All of the guns can have malfunctions (or jams) that you must clear. As explained above, you always play the U.S. Army, and the opposing team always looks like terrorists to you. The same goes with weapons. You can only choose real U.S. Army weapons along with the classes. This doesn't stop you from picking up OpFor weapons. The OpFor's weapons always appear as different weapons to you. You can pick them up from dead bodies.The rules in AA are simple. Use teamwork to complete the objectives, and don't team kill. Luckily, this game does alot to prevent cheaters. You'll notice a "ROE" on the scoreboard. This stands for Rules of Engagement. Attack or kill a teammate, and you violate the ROE, and your ROE goes up. When it reaches 400, you will be kicked from the server, and sent to Leavenworth, which is the prison. Not a good place to be. Also note that if you violate the ROE in the first 20 seconds of a match, you will automatically be kicked. If you violate the ROE for 25 seconds after that, the penalty will be doubled.

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