Fly The World

Immerse yourself in a business simulation unlike any other

Fly The World is a developing business simulation for users of various flight simulators such as Microsoft Flight Simulator (FS9, FSX, FSXSE), P3D and X-Plane.

Fly the World is aimed primarily at sim-pilots who are too bored with mere, more or less aimless flying around or who do not find the typical range of virtual airlines challenging enough.

Fly The World expands the simulation experience with an economic component that will confront the player with challenges and demand economically sensible decisions.

New players start as freelancers, renting planes and transporting randomly generated orders from the start to the destination. In the further course and with increasing fortune, they open up new possibilities, such as the acquisition of aircraft or the establishment of their own airlines. It is also possible to build entire networks of FBOs, terminals and other facilities to link them together through routes. 

It is left to the player, whether he wants to assert himself as a lone wolf or to team up with other players. However, players can also appear as competitors, which always arise new challenges
can. The spectrum of realizable business ideas is already very large and will be expanded in the course of development.

Keep it running

Unfortunately our project has server costs that need paid and we are an all volunteer team. If you like our project and would like to donate to help with server costs we would be very appreciative, even small amounts help.