© dogdaze 2007


01 contact lo hi
02 transmission lo hi
03 junglism lo hi
04 beatbox lo hi
05 lockdown lo hi
06 so lo hi
07 the edge lo hi
08 whatmatters lo hi
09 joyride lo hi
10 worm pressure i lo hi
11 worm pressure ii lo hi
12 hi edit (w/ aardvarck) lo hi

It has landed and sounds heavy... the album!

Available worldwide through Rush Hour Distribution, but you can also order it directly from me.
I will send you a copy directly after payment of 9 euros or $12,- (including shipping).
Indeed, that's a whole album for the price of a 12"!

I accept paypal; please mail me for details or say hi at myspace.com/dogdaze

full press release here

What they said

'I’m digging ur stuff. It’s really dope and I will play it for sure. I have already played a track on my radio show and will play more' - Alex Attias (Mustang/Visions Inc)

‘’Great stuff, the Aardvark collab, nearly every track is touching some strings...great! Thanks.....and good luck!’ – Soulphiction aka Jackmate (Philpot/Sonar Kollektiv)

'Dope shit ouwe!!' ‘Supervettestoere lp!’ - Aardvarck (Rush Hour/Delsin)

'Dank veur de disc, staan ziektes op!' - Steven de Peven (Rednose Distrikt)

‘True phuture phunk, tough beats, wacked out rhythms, the real mad shit going down. This is how we do, we do dirt! 10/10’ - Alan Brown (Soul Seduction, Vienna)

‘That was the freshest shit I've received in a long time. Top f'kin quality bro, every track I was feelin. I see you love and know your beats, kudos master’ – Da Altered Natives (People Records/Broadcite)

‘Thanks for the cd, it´s in my player now and I like what I hear. Will play the tunes in the show and out in the club for sure’ – Dirk Rumpff (Offtrack/Groove Mag)

‘Thx for the cd! Your beatz are so damn fresh and tight that I am losing my words. Maaaaad shouts!’ – M.Path.Iq (De-Bug Magazine)

'Haha, so many ill tracks... they don't know Dogdaze' - Surra (Amalgama Records)

‘Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! Like loch ness or something, u got it! Keep on keeping on dog!’ – Joscha Creutzfeld (Freischwimmen/Up My Alley Records)

‘The music is hard and slammin', basslines are phat and heavy. Solid effort, man...will get support from me, for sure’ – Velanche (Urban Landscapes)

‘One of the best ways to get your music out there is basically to do everything yourself and that's what Dogdaze has done - and full respect… some of the darkest beats and heaviest basslines you'll hear this year… Absolutely love it!!’ – Simon Harrison (Basic Soul Radio)

‘your album is really WOW!!! Gonna play a lot of tracks in the show.. keep up with this talented music evolution’– Ouifonk (NuForms Radio/Faces Records)

‘In Dog We Trust is Futuristic phatness....super Dope album dude’– Mind Eye (Da Circle of Sole/Jazzsole)

‘The music sounds great!’ – Martyn (Revolv:r/Bassbin)

DJ & Radio support so far
Various tracks have been played on a.o. OFFTrack (Berlin), Basic Soul Radio (Leeds), Brokenbeat Radio (Philly), Urban Landscapes, Beyondjazz Radio (Ghent), Kindred Spirits Radio (Amsterdam), Against the Grain Radio (ATL), Hepcat Radio (Brussels), Couleur3 (Swiss national radio), NuForms (France) and by djs such as Max Cole (Wah Wah 45s), O.Boogie (Faces Records) & Cinnaman (Rush Hour).

Review in De:Bug magazine (Germany)
Time for some really fresh beats. Dogdaze ist ein Herr der Offbeats, der mit seinem Album Debüt selbst einem Domu inkl. all seiner Pseudonyme bis hin zu Sonar Circle in Nichts nachsteht. Seine beiden ersten Platten auf Flyin’ High brachten dem überfliegenden Holländer nicht ohne Grund sofort Arbeiten mit und für Inverse Cinematics, Amalgama, 4Lux und Hipster Wonkaz ein. Aardvarck ist der einzige Gast, der bei diesem mehr als eindeutigen Statement für echten Beat-Futurismus einen Moment mitspielen darf. Real heads know the deal – this is a must! 5/5 (m.path.iq)