About me


„I believe in encouraging people to get the most out of their careers and make them drive forward. Don’t stop when you accomplished your goal. I aim for being part of a team that creates well designed products that are an addition to peoples lives. I want to provide people with products or services that they love. I’m good at looking at problems in bird view and organizing a way to solve it. I bring a rational and open-minded way of thinking and a dedication to my work“.

Welcome in my personal passport.

My passport is meant to reflect upon my learnings in the past term. I will discuss the courses I took and the things I learned from them. I will talk about what I learned about myself as a student, new insights, and how I felt about the first term.

My name is Daan de Jong. I’m an eighteen years old student at IBIS (International Business Innovation Studies) inHolland. I was born and raised in Huizen, the Netherlands. I did MBO paralegal before IBIS. I chose to do IBIS because I like the way of thinking and the way of teaching. I like the IBIS environment and I think there are many things to be achieved here. I think IBIS can teach me a lot in the sense of the way of thinking, working, looking at problems and developing myself as a person.

My hobby is to think about things that are too big to understand, or even too small. I like thinking about things that are taken for granted or looking at things from a different perspective. I like being amazed by my own thoughts and staying amazed for the rest of the day. I love reaching out to the unreachable not to make it understandable, but to admire its beauty and to be put in the here and now, down to earth. This all comes to together in my big interest in the universe. Learn about the smallest scale and the biggest scale and everything in between.

Other hobbies are skiing, reading, gaming, photography, watching and playing football, playing tennis, and technology.

Daan de Jong