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Welcome on our site. We hope you enjoy may experience to our site. We wanted to offer you some fun and have thought of:



Sports, a healthy activity

Gomarus College Leeuwarden

Pictures from us, a happy family




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We have three sons who are coming from Ethiopia.
Do you want some information about adoption than you can among other things found on 
the site
Ontmoetingsdag Gereformeerde Gezinnen where we are connected:



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Sports, a healthy activity!

For many people, sports is a beloved pastime. That is fantastic. It is great that there are so many people who enjoy different branches of sports.

Maybe you are doing sports, go there and enjoy it, the efforts that you have a fine relaxation.

If you have not yet come to a choice in order to cultivate a sport then, that is all not very. You can also get used to the idea of you for your pleasure want to tired? Now I will tell you ofcourse that we are all understanding. But let you once crazy and visit a fine lesson in sports. You'll notice that for every part in the sport. And think only these beliefs:


Sport is challenge

Challenge gives victories

Victories gives self-confidence

Self-confidence is good for people






Sports is sweating

Sweating is effort

Effort is good for the maintain/obtain
a good physical condition



Do you want to know more about sports look further on:


A sport par excellence is the gymnastics! Why the gymnastics? Well to, inter alia, the following reasons::


 The experience of levitation, flight and landing work.

 Gravity, centrifugalepower and muscle strength.

 The stretch off your stiff limbs, is just fantastic.

 Experiencing running, rolling, jumping, swinging and many kinds of movements.



Watch and enjoy:


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Gomarus College Leeuwarden

The Gomarus College is a school that helps his students to function as a Christian. They lead young people associated with Jesus Christ and who want to hear a special place in this world as a Christian. This education is to contribute to this process.
It would also like to challenging and attractive education of high quality offer. This education is related to the formation and education through the parents, is consistent with the qualities and abilities of the pupil, anticipates the future and is groundbreaking.
All in all a fantastic school where I very like

The Gomarus College consists of five branches. I've been able to work in Groningen and Assen and I am now working in Leeuwarden.
As a sports teacher I often like to motivate and encourage students to go sports, in addition, I give a number of hours of mathematics. The great of this work is that you are working with young people who, with their own future. It is good to know how important sports is, your body in good condition will contribute for a happier and healthier life.
You might also see on the site of the Gomarus
College: www.




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Pictures from us, a happy family. Greetings to all our specily friends in Ethiopia!